Amoo-Noruz in Iran - Iranian Preparing for Nowruz
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Amu Nowruz in Iran - Iranian Preparing for Nowruz

Amu Nowruz also known as Papa Nowruz is a fictional figure in Iranian folklore. According to the folklore, he appears annually at the beginning of spring.
Khar Turan National Park, Shahrood, Semnan, Iran
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Discover the Amazing Khar-Turan National Park in Semnan

Khar Turan National Park or Touran Wildlife Refuge is second largest biosphere reserves Iran located in south-east of Shahrood, Semnan province of Iran.
Iran - a one month adventure
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Women's travel in Persia - Line's Adventure in Iran

Women's travel in Iran - Line Pernille is a Danish girl and recently visited Iran in a one month adventure tour. in her youtube channel she is saying: Summarized down to a short movie it is hard to portray how great travelling in Iran was for me.