Do Iranian Speak EnglishShoeib Abolhassani
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Do Iranians speak English?

When visiting a foreign country, travelers usually use English to communicate with others. It has somehow become the international language. Yet, not everybody is an English speaker! So, what about Iranians?
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Is Persian a difficult language to learn?

Sometimes, the love story with a country starts with its language. And what would be better than Persian? It is is the door to a rich culture, a world of finest arts, literature, music, and culture. But is it hard to learn Farsi? And if you decide to do so, what are the resources available to help you?
How to study Persian language in IranSURFIRAN
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How to study Persian language in Iran?

Whether you already started to learn Persian in your own country, or you’re willing to immerse yourself in the Iranian culture, learning Persian in Iran is a unique experience!