About Tehran Milad Tower

The Milad tower is a multipurpose tower located in Tehran, Iran. Since Tehran is located close to two tectonic plate fault lines, seismic behavior is of particular interest.

The Milad Tower is the 6th tallest tower in the world, at 436 meters high and is also the 4th tallest telecommunications tower.

The tower includes many stories of shops and restaurants as well as being used for telecommunications, with highly sensitive equipment. The tower, is made up of five main components; the antenna mast, the head structure, the concrete tower shaft, the lobby and the foundation.

The antenna mast is a slender concrete section that stretches over 100m, composed of four different sections. The head structure sits around the main concrete shaft and makes up a 12 story structure.

The Milad Tower was proposed as part of the ‘Shahestan Pahlavi’ project, which was planned to encompass five million square meters, accommodating 50,000 residents, government ministries, commercial offices and a variety of cultural centers (libraries and museums). However this project was cancelled following the 1979 Revolution.

The tower was brought back and construction began in 1997, taking 11 years to complete (2008). The structure is multipurpose, consisting of 63 trade units, many food courts, observation decks, telecommunication services and a carpark of 27,000 m2

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Milad Tower is the sixth tallest tower in the world also known as Tehran Tower. The tower Built in 2007, at 435m high. It is unmistakably noticeable from wherever you approach Tehran.

  • Address

    Shaykh Fazl Allah Nuri Expressway

  • Telephone

    +98 21 8585

  • Opening hours

    09.00—23.00 daily

  • Prices

    entry 50,000—250,000 rials, depending on the deck you are

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