Matinabad Eco– Resort, Isfahan Province

The Matin Abad eco-camp and organic farm are located 60 km from the city of Kashan one of the tourism attractions in central Iran. The eco-resort is in the heart of an Iranian desert one side facing the highest central mountains of Iran, Karkas Mountains, and the other side facing the Dasht-e Kvir Desert and a salt lake.

In this eco-resort, our guests get the opportunity to experience a variety of desert activities. All the nature lovers can enjoy trekking on camels or on foot, bike ride between the sand dunes and mountain gorges, desert walk, safari short trips with Jeeps or ATV bikes, and star gazing at night.

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We are proud to introduce one of the world’s best practices in eco-tourism to our national and international desert lovers. After two years of research, we decided to design a location in the Iranian desert so our guests can experience peaceful full-star nights after a fun camel back riding and a walk on the hot sands of the desert during the day. And we decided to do this task as best as possible by following all environmental and industrial requirements.

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    Between Kashan and Isfahan, Badrood village, Khalidabad village, Deh Abad village, Matin Abad, Kashan, Iran

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