Morshedi Hotel, Kashan

More than two hundred and fifty years ago, the mosque house was one of the historic houses of Kashan, which was restored and renovated into a traditional residence. Just like in other historic villages of Kashan, this house was gradually declining, but as the hustle and bustle of the tourist industry in Iran, it became a worthy destination and turned into a magnificent hotel boutique. Thanks to having a sincere space, experienced staff and unparalleled facilities, it's not too tidy to say that this house is unmatched and perhaps unique in its kind

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The rooms are decorated with Iranian historic houses. In each corner and side, the retreat is made of an exquisite handmade carpet. All rooms have a seating area and a bathroom. The suites also feature a kitchenette.

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    Morshedi Boutique Hotel, Boustani Alley, Darbe Esfahan Street, Kamal al Molk Sq, Kashan, Iran

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