Parsian Suite Hotel

Parsian Suite is located in the chain of Parsian International Hotels with a total area of 2.302 square meters and located in the center of Isfahan. Located in one of the most beautiful streets of Isfahan, this hotel is also close to the International Exhibition Center of Isfahan and important historical sites such as: Vancoux Church, Imam Mosque, Khaju Bridge and an opportunity for our guests to visit the city for a short time.

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The Parsian Suite Hotel owned by Parsian International hotel chain has been constructed in an area of ​​1230 square meters with foundation of 5235 square meters in the center of Isfahan city

  • Address

    Aeeneh Khaneh Blvd, opposite Si- O- Se Pol, Parsian Suites, Isfahan, Iran

  • Telephone

    +9821 88301845

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