Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan

Hotel Zohreh Isfahan opened in 2005 in the capital of Iranian culture and civilization. This 6-story hotel has 51 rooms. The three star hotel in Isfahan has access to the Four Gardens School as well as the Zayandehrud Commercial Complex and the Isfahan Mobile Market. It should be noted that the Hotel Zohreh is a member of Naderi Hotel Group.

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The 3 star Zohreh Hotel is located in the center of Isfahan and is near most of the historic monuments. This hotel with an area of 600 square meters and 4500 meters below the building is one of the most beautiful hotels in Isfahan. Also, all rooms are in 10 floors with traditional architecture and modern hotel style.

  • Address

    Ferdowsi St., Isfahan, Iran

  • Telephone

    +9821 88301845

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