Kerman is one of the five historical cities of Iran. From the industrial, political, cultural and scientific points of view, it is the most important city in the southeast of Iran. Kerman is very famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage.

Due to the special geographical conditions Kerman province enjoys considerable changeable climate, the average temperature during the months of March-June has been recorded as 20°-25°C. These months are the most suitable for travelling and tourism. K

Pars Hotel, Kerman

Kerman Pars Hotel, Kerman

Kerman Pars hotel is located on an area of 32,000 square meters and with an infrastructure of 24,000 square meters and includes 8 floors including parking and piloting.

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Tourist Hotel No. 01, Kerman

Kerman Tourist Hotel No. 01, Kerman

Kerman Tourist Hotel No. 01 is a member of tourist groups located in the western part of the city. The complex has 53 rooms for 200 people with full facilities.

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Govashir Hotel, Kerman

Govashir Hotel, Kerman

Govashir is a 3-star hotel is located in Imam Hossein Boulevard, Kerman and 20 minutes away from Kerman International Airport. If you are interested to stay in a modest hotel while you are traveling to Kerman, Govashir Hotel can be a suitable choice for you.

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Hezar Hotel, Kerman

Hezar Hotel, Kerman

Hezar Hotel in Kerman is the newest and closest hotel to the commercial, administrative, tourist and tourist centers of the Kerman Market and is near the oldest beautiful park of the city (Neshat Park) and in the quiet area in the center of Kerman.

Hezar Kerman Hotel has become one of the goals of the guests to travel to Kerman, due to its high quality space. With a variety of local, foreign and international menus, Hezar Kerman Hotel offers a varied and memorable space for guests.

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