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Yazd hotels can really adapt to all budgets, from five-star hotels, to boutique hotels with traditional and modern designs, and, of course, some very affordable accommodation for budget travellers. We have compiled here a great collection of the best hotels in Yazd at great rates, all sorted into different style and location categories to simplify your search for the right Yazd hotel. Without a doubt the most popular area to stay when you’re visiting Yazd is Historic City of Yazd - a locale closest to Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, water museums and Dowlat Abad Garden. In such places, as well as in contemporary cafes, traditional teahouses and on the walking in the Old texture of Yazd, you can experience and enjoy all that's good about Yazd. To help you get started on your holiday in Yazd, see our Best Hotels in Yazd.
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Here are five unique hotels in the Yazd that shine like a pearl in middle of the desert in Iran.

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Yazd is one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns of Iran. Its silhouette punctuated by minarets and the ingeniously-designed wind towers that capture desert breezes to cool homes during the hot summer months.

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