Kerman Province is located in southeast of Iran; it is the largest province in the country. Kerman is one of the five historical cities in Iran. It is very famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage.

This province is home to hardworking, patient, and hospitable people, and maintains a diverse climate and an attractive culture and art. Given the rich nature of this province, animal husbandry has been promoted in the province, providing the raw material for creation of beautiful patterns on the well-known rugs and carpets of Kerman.

What to See

  1. Ganjali Khan Complex
  2. Jame Mosque of Kerman
  3. The Tomb of Moshtagh Ali Shah (Moshtaghiyeh)
  4. Jabalieh Domb
  5. Meymand Rocky Village
  6. Shazdeh Garden
  7. The Holy Shrine of Shah Ne’matollah Vali
  8. Rayen Citadel
  9. Bam Citadel
  10. Shahdad Kaluts
  11. Nebkka Park
  12. Shafi Abad Caravanserai

Isfahan Activities

  1. Hiking in the Lut Desert
  2. Climbing Kuh-e Bagh-e Bala Mountain
  3. Riding a camel in the desert
  4. Getting to know about Sufism and Mysticism at the Shah’s Shrine
  5. Taking a safari excursion
  6. Off-roading

What & Where to BUY

Visit Ganjali Khan Bazaar at the heart of Kerman. It’s the best place for shopping in the city! At this bazaar, you can find handicrafts, local cookies, the famous Kerman carpets, different types of spice, and many more.

  1. Jewelry & Gold
  2. Carpets & Kilims
  3. Spice
  4. Handicrafts

What & Where to Eat

You can find all types of Iranian dishes in the traditional and modern restaurants of Kerman. In Kerman, you can find Italian, Indian, and Greek dishes. Don’t forget to try Plum & Quince Stew, a local Kermani dish!

  1. Vakil Restaurant
  2. Max Traditional Restaurant
  3. Windmill Restaurant
  4. Paliz Restaurant
  5. Salsa Restaurant
  6. Parma Italian Restaurant
  7. One Thousand and One Night Traditional Restaurant

Hamisheh Bahar Restaurant