Alaviyan Dome of Hamedan E-Ticket

Alaviyan Dome of Hamedan E-Ticket


The 12th-century green dome, immortalised by a reference to it in the poet Khaqani’s work, has long since been removed, but the untopped brick tower remains famous for the whirling floral stucco added in the Ilkhanid Mongol era; this ornamentation is described by an enraptured Robert Byron in Road to Oxiana.

In the crypt (steps down from the rear interior) is the plain-blue-tiled Alaviyan family tomb, covered with votive Islamic embroidery.

The Story Behind It!

The structure was initially built as a mosque before being turned into a family mausoleum by the Alavid rulers of northern Iran under the Seljuk Empire. It is said to have been constructed on the site of a monastery. The building had a dome and a few minarets which have collapsed over the course of time.

The Tremendous Tower

The brick tower is a masterpiece of stucco work with exquisite floral motifs and geometric designs. Inscriptions in angular Arabic writing decorate the exterior. It is composed of a single chamber whose walls are decorated with plaster. There is a cellar underneath which contains the remains of two unknown figures.

Perfectly Placed

The building is considered the most outstanding historical monument in Hamadan. It is a registered national heritage site. The mansion is located within a walking distance of several historical sites, providing a rare chance to visit the city’s treasure trove of ancient relics.


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Alaviyan Dome of Hamedan E-Ticket


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