Iron Age Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket

Iron Age Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket


Tabriz Iron Age Museum is one of the special and unique attractions of Iran and the world. A 4000 years old Cemetery full of dead bodies along their ornamental accessories. You can hear the breathing of tired history and sounds from land and greatness.

This cemetery was accidentally discovered by a construction company and urban development in 1997. It drew the attention of archaeologist and they did drilling project on that site. Iron Age museum established in 2006.

The platform of this ancient museum doesn’t change and you can visit tomb which designed and implanted several thousand years ago. Visitors of that special place have memories of the museum’s specific senses and its unique atmosphere and spectacular view.

At first glance the pattern of tombs is various. Some of them are regular while some others have an unusual shape. The skeletons have some life appliances, toys, jewelry and war materials next to them. There are some stone and mud tablets about these differences and level of corpses. These are evidence of the belief in life after the death of the dead in the Iron Age. They put food and drink in the jars for the dead.

The head of some skeletons was buried westward and some others eastward. Moreover, some are on the left side and some on the right side but head of all skeletons are to the north. They all show the special beliefs of the burial of the dead at that time.


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Iron Age Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket


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