Mausoleum of Mir Razi ad-Din Artimani

Mausoleum of Mir Razi ad-Din Artimani, Tuyserkan E-Ticket


Mir Razi ad-Din Artimani was one of the famous poets and mystics of Shah Abbas Safavi who was born in the second half of the tenth hijri century in Artiman Village. His name was Seyyed Mohammad and he was known as Razi.

This structure consists of four arched entrance doors with exquisite tiles on top of them. The facade is built of brick and has an opening with a high arch.

Behind these arches is a building with a tiled entrance. The building is square in shape and on the outside, there are three rooms that are repeated on four sides.

The dimension of the building is 10 by 10 meters and with a height of 6 meters. The exterior part of the building attracts attention on all 4 sides in the form of 3 arched openings with a simple brick texture, and in the vicinity of each of the walls, 4 brick walls in the shape of a column are built.

These columnar walls are connected at the top by a gable-shaped brick arch. You can see three narrow and beautiful arches on each side with a harmonious composition that has given a mystical effect to the structure.

In addition, the inner part of the tomb has simple, yet spectacular brick decorations, in the middle of which is the tomb of Mir Razi al-Din with a metal tablet containing his biography. The tomb is about 40 cm high in a square frame.

This building is designed by Mohammad Reza Jodet and architected by Haj Hadi Kahzadi. This building has been registered in the list of national monuments of the country and ever since it is protected under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization.


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Mausoleum of Mir Razi ad-Din Artimani, Tuyserkan E-Ticket


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