Measure Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket

Measure Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket


Measure Museum or Sanjesh Museum is an interesting collection of brilliant tools and instruments in Tabriz. You will be amazed at seeing how people in the past used these tools to measure so many different objects. Visiting Measure Museum is a MUST while you are in Tabriz.

Measure Museum is located in a lovely historical house named “Salmasi House”. You can consider this house as another tourist attraction! This is a two-floor house with colorful traditional windows and beautiful stucco-works.

This house belongs to the early Qajar era and was built by Salmasi family who was an old family in Tabriz.

You can see a variety of Measurement tools from delicate balances to large bascules. Also, there are vast objects for measuring different types of units. Another interesting set of objects that you will see in the museum is the lovely device of measuring time, clocks! These decorative clocks gathered from different countries from all over the world.


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Measure Museum of Tabriz E-Ticket


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