Noushijan Archaeological Site of Malayer E-Ticket

Noushijan Archaeological Site of Malayer E-Ticket


Noushijan is an archaeological site in the west of Iran near Malayer. According to excavations from this site this area was not inhabited earlier than 800 B.C.

Nushijan Citadel (Nooshijan Fire Temple or Noushijan Tappe) lies 20km northwest of Malayer and 60 kilometers away from Hamadan in Hamedan Province, in the district of Shurkat.

In this region three cycles of civilizations have been distinct. The first of which being in the second half of the 8th to the beginning of 6th century BC. and related to the Medes.

The architectural relics in this connection are, the fire temple (Atashkadeh) on the western side of the hill, the pillared hall or ‘Apadana’, the main hall or temple used for worship, chambers, store-rooms, tunnel and ramparts of the castle.

This Citadel dates back to Iron Age and Medes dynasty. This 3,000-year-old structure is one of the most important Median and Achaemenian sites of Iran. Unique Site As a masterpiece of Iranian architecture, Noushijan Citadel is considered one of the most unique sites of the country. It has been designated as an exemplary tourism site.


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Noushijan Archaeological Site of Malayer E-Ticket


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