Tepe Sialk of Kashan E-Ticket

Tepe Sialk of Kashan E-Ticket


  • The remains of a 5,000 year old ziggurat

Tepe Sialk or Sialk Hill is the most historical site in Kashan with a magnificent architecture, which is actually the remains of an ancient city from thousand years ago. It is believed that the oldest settlement in Sialk dates back to more than 7000 years ago.

There are two major hills at Tepe Sialk, apart from each other by half a kilometer, known as cemeteries A and B. According to excavations at the site during the past few decades, it is for sure that there were six main phases of occupation at the place. And the oldest settlement has been identified in the northern hill which belongs to the first half of the fifth millennium BCE.

However, the northern hill was abandoned, at the beginning of the fourth millennium, and according to the evidence, it is believed that the southern hill was occupied, by descendants of people who used to live on the northern hill. It seems that the new settlers leveled the top of the mound, to make space for a large, palace-like residence.

Evidence demonstrates that Tepe Sialk was an important metal production center in central Iran.


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Tepe Sialk of Kashan E-Ticket


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