The is the city of colorful lights, intriguing sounds and never-ending motion. Exploring this fascinating metropolis will transport you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history – from the glittering Golestan Palace and the adjacent Grand Bazaar to the beautiful Azadi Tower and the former US embassy. Then, there are the city’s many excellent museums and serene gardens. In such places, as well as in contemporary cafes, traditional teahouses and on the walking trails in the mountains, you can relax and enjoy all that’s good about Tehran.


  1. Golestan Palace
  2. Sa’d Abad Palace Complex
  3. Tehran Grand Bazaar
  4. Tabiat Bridge
  5. Iran Holy Defense Museum
  6. Azadi Tower (Borj-e Azadi)
  7. The Treasury of National Jewels
  8. The National Museum of Iran
  9. The Former US Embassy
  10. Milad Tower
  11. Niyavaran Palace Complex
  12. Tajrish Bazaar

Tehran activities

    1. Skiing in Tochal, Darbandsar, or Dizin Ski Resort
    2. Riding a cable car in Tochal or Dizin
    3. Hiking in Darakeh or Darband
    4. Drinking a coffee in an old café
  1. Wandering around Tehran’s massive bazaar
  2. Experiencing Tehran nightlife at 30 Tir Street

What & WHERE to BUY

Visit the Grand Bazaar, very appropriate for shopping! Its goods range from cheap and small things to very expensive and luxurious items. You can find almost anything in the bazaar, from clothing to carpets, kitchen accessories, decorative items, and jewelry.

  1. Jewelry & Gold
  2. Carpets & Kilims
  3. Bags & Shoes
  4. Handicrafts

What & Where to Eat

You can find different types of Iranian traditional dishes in the traditional and modern restaurants all around the city. You can also find Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, Mexican, Lebanese, Korean, etc. restaurants in Tehran.

  1. Moslem Restaurant
  2. Dizi Sara
  3. SPU Restaurant
  4. Alborz Restaurant
  5. Dashte-Behesht
  6. Divan Persian Cuisine
  7. Heeva Café Kebab

Ali Qapu Restaurant