Nakhl-Gardani Ritual In Yazd
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Nakhl-Gardani Ritual In Zarch And Ashkezar During Ashura, Yazd

Nakhl Gardani is a Shia religious ritual carried out on the day of Ashura for commemorating the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Moḥammad and third Shia Imam.
Qalishuyan (carpet-washing ritual) Mashhad Ardahal
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Qalishuyan (carpet-washing ritual) Mashhad Ardahal

Qalishuyan "carpet-washing ceremony" is a ritual to express love and loyalty toward Soltān Ali, who is claimed to have been martyred in the same place and carried to his resting place on a carpet, instead of a shroud.
Visit Iran during Muharram
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20 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran During Muharram

Visiting Iran during Muharram and witness the Ashura and Taziyeh ritual in Yazd and Isfahan cities can be a truly extraordinary experience.
Nakhl Gardani Ritual
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The Spectacular Nakhl Gardani Ritual in Yazd

Nakhl-Gardani is one of the most important mourning ceremonies observed in Muharram in different parts of Iran.
Travel to Iran during Moharram and Ashura
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Travel to Iran During Ashura and Muharram

Travel to Iran during Ashura can be a truly extraordinary experience and a perfect time to see the most important events of Shia in Iran.