Travel with kids to Iran
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Traveling to Iran with Kids (Part one: Preparation)

In case you have any plan of traveling to Iran and bring your kids as well, there are some tips you would better know.
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The travelers’ voice: Opinions about the SURFIRAN experience

There isn’t a better reference than from those who have already lived the SURFIRAN experience in any of our Iran tours so that future travelers can get an idea of what’s like to explore with us.
Italian tourists in Iran
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Travelling to Iran as a solo woman: An experience

Travelling to Iran as a solo woman Iran, Pretty scary isn’t it, Here are the reasons why you can definitely travel alone as a woman in Iran.
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Can I travel to Iran independently? Do I need an Iranian guide?

Most people are able to travel independently within Iran, without any guide or official guidance whatsoever. US and Canadian citizens, however, need to have their itinerary and tour group approved beforehand, which will require an officially sanctioned guide. However, as part of the itinerary it is possibly to include free days, which if approved, will allow for free travel.
Iran aonemonthadventure
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Women’s travel in Persia – Line’s Adventure in Iran

Women's travel in Iran - Line Pernille is a Danish girl and recently visited Iran in a one month adventure tour. in her youtube channel she is saying: Summarized down to a short movie it is hard to portray how great travelling in Iran was for me.