Abgoosht is one of the most traditional Iranian foods.
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10 Foods to Try While Traveling in Iran

Welcome to Iran, the country of historical monuments from ancient to contemporary era, beautiful villages, and a wide range of especial food, cradle of art, culture and archeology.
Nigel Slater in Iran: Iran’s Food Culture
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Nigel Slater in Iran: Iran's Food Culture

Nigel Slater, English journalist, documented his awe-inspiring journey through Iran to discover Persian food, one of the oldest and most influential cuisines in the world.
Ghormeh sabzi
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Best “Chelo khoresh” Dishes You Must Try In Iran

One of the most popular types of foods in Iran is called “Khoresh” or “Khoresht”, which is literally translated to English as stew dishes and eaten with chelo and called chelo khoresht.
Meatless in Iran – A guide for vegetarians traveling to Iran

Meatless in Iran – A Guide for Vegetarians Traveling to Iran

Finding vegetarian food in Iran can be difficult, here is a quick guide for vegetarians traveling to Iran to find vegetarian dishes.