Rice transplantation in GIlan
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Rice Transplantation in Gilan Province

Gilan, the land of jungle and rain, rice and silkworm, the bed of roaring rivers and the growing area of violets, primroses, water lilies...
What is the best currency for bringing to Iran?
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What is the best currency for bringing to Iran?

The best currencies we recommend you bring while traveling to Iran are US dollars (USD) or euros (EUR). These two currencies are accepted everywhere and will be easy to change.
Is it safe for women to visit Iran
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Is it safe for women to visit Iran?

Is Iran safe for women travers? Many female travelers who visited Iran, described travel in Iran is safe for women. Violent crimes against foreigners are extremely rare and, indeed.
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Noushabad the Biggest Underground City in Iran

Noushabad Underground City, the most breathtaking underground cities in the world, is one of the sights of Kashan in the city of Noushabad.
How much will it cost to travel in Iran
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How much will it cost to travel in Iran?

Looking for cost of travelling to Iran? Travelling to Iran will be less expensive, with accommodation, food, internal travel being affordable for most travellers.
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Is Persian a difficult language to learn?

Sometimes, the love story with a country starts with its language. And what would be better than Persian? It is is the door to a rich culture, a world of finest arts, literature, music, and culture. But is it hard to learn Farsi? And if you decide to do so, what are the resources available to help you?
How to study Persian language in IranSURFIRAN
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How to study Persian language in Iran?

Whether you already started to learn Persian in your own country, or you’re willing to immerse yourself in the Iranian culture, learning Persian in Iran is a unique experience!
Tahdig (Persian food)
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8 Unusual Foods You Must Try In Iran

Tired of Kebabs and rice? Take a look at a list of the most unusual dishes in Iran that you must try when you are there!
Iran Gets Ready To Celebrate Yalda Night
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Iran Gets Ready To Celebrate Yalda Night

Yalda night or Shab-e Cheleh is one of the most celebrated traditional events in Iran which marks the longest night of the year.
5 Lies You Should Not Believe About Group Travel in Iran - SURFIRANSURFIRAN
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5 Lies You Should Not Believe About Group Travel in Iran

You are planning your trip to Iran and thinking of joining a small group tour? Here are 5 lies you should not believe about group travel in Iran.
Iran drinks chaiee
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Drinks You Should Try When Traveling to Iran

There are many tasty drinks which are non-alcoholic in Iran that you should try when traveling to this country
IranonaplateIranFoodandTravelGuide surfiran
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Iran on a Plate: Iran Food and Travel Guide

To Iranians, the preparation and cooking of food is a prime expression of a woman’s loving care, which transforms even the simplest of meals into nourishment for body and soul.
Young Iranians have high hopes for the future
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CNN: Tehran’s teens: IRAN isn’t what you think it is

Young Iranians"Life is very enjoyable for us," one young woman says. "We are friends, we go out with each other, and we laugh, we have fun. And that's it."She and her friends came to the city's cinema museum to take photographs of jewelry. Now lounging outside, they sit in a tree-lined park a world away from the militaristic images of Iran that are ubiquitous in the West.have high hopes for the future


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