Best 5 and 4 Star Hotels in Isfahan, Iran

Among the Iranian Isfahan known as Esfahān nesf-e- jahān that means (Isfahan is half of the world). To most of them Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry that despite the historical fluctuations in the area has still retained its luster and glory throughout the centuries. The city is so vibrant that it seems as if it has been born today and yet it is so original that it looks as though it has always existed. The city’s rich culture and beautiful nature are in such perfect harmony that one seems to be a reflection of the other. Isfahan is an ultimate expression of the Iranian-Islamic Culture. Isfahan is called the city of Iranian handicraft and traditional arts. These works of art comprise a major portion of Iran’s exports, particularly to Europe. For those who travel to iran pr interested to visit Iran, Isfahan is a MUST SEE city. Here’s a list of our favorite hotels in Isfahan. This list is based on our personal experiences and/or reviews online.

List of hotels in Isfahan