Iran Expedition Tours

Beyond Isfahan and Shiraz, the variety of Iran’s nature and culture give our country the potential to be a destination for different types of visitors. From the vast mega dunes of Lut Desert to the Hyrcanian Jungles by the Caspian Sea in the Alborz mountain range, all offer routes for new kinds of journeys for our international guests. On our Iran expeditions tours, we focus our visits on cultural and historical features of less known places and explore their meanings and present use by local communities. In bigger cities, we visit specific sites off the beaten track. Instead of staying in 5 star hotel towers, we recommend the best boutique hotels and heritage houses in town for a taste of traditional Iranian hospitality. SURFIRAN offers unique experience in all deserts of Iran. For our Iran expeditions tours, with fully equipped 4×4 vehicles and accommodation options ranging from traditional heritage houses and historical caravanserais to camping in spectacular locations, we tailor our trips to the different interests and time budgets of our guests. Join Iran expeditions

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