Iran Travel Guide


If a Iran tour is on the cards, here's a quick list of best Iran tourist attractions and mind it, it comes with a no-miss warning. Find out best places to visit and major tourist attractions in Iran with SURFIRAN travel and tours. In this travel guide which is for tourist who want to visit Iran attractions and destinations from ancient cities like Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, to natural setting we list most important amenities of the Iran.

Top Iran tourist destinations to visit

Iran has one of the largest resource bases for cultural, natural and historical sites of any country in the world and this places Iran among the leading countries in the world in terms of its potential for attracting different types of tourists. Added to this, Iran tourism destinations like natural beauties, Iran geographical phenomena, sea and coastline, climatic conditions, Iran mountains, mineral hot springs, winter resorts, historical and artistic monuments, Iran museums, antiques and all its other natural and man-made endowments have created an outstanding and unique situation for Iran. Furthermore, the tendency among Muslims of the world to travel to Iran as pilgrims, paying a visit to the holy shrines and also enjoying its natural gifts which suit their Islamic customs also provide a suitable basis for attracting and inviting Iran co-religionists to visit Iran. On an intangible level, Iranian people are famous for their hospitality and all those who visit Iran recognize it. Is a well-known characteristic of Iran's people of which the accounts of great world travellers provide ample evidence.

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