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With 196 countries and countless exciting destinations worldwide, there is so much to see in a very limited time. Even the most well-traveled person hardly gets to visit all and has to be selective. So, why should you consider visiting a country like Iran, especially when it comes to all those negative news and stereotypes surrounding it? Here we’re here to give you the reasons and to help you overcome your doubts and even encourage you to consider your next trip to Iran, this mysterious land as soon as you return to your home country!

Beautiful cities, friendly people, fabulous food, glorious architecture, Iran has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage Sites, friendly towns and inspiring desert landscapes.



Things to Do in Iran – Activities & Attractions


Iran is the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity. This is not a tourism slogan, this is the reality inferred from the experience of visitors who have been impressed by Iran’s beauties and amazing attractions.

Antiquity and richness of the Cultural Sites of Iran and civilization, the variety of natural and geographical attractions, four – season climate, diverse cultural sites in addition to different tribes with different and fascinating traditions and customs have made Iran as a treasury of tangible and intangible heritage.

Different climates can be found simultaneously in Iran. Some cities have summer weather in winter, or have spring or autumn weather; at the same time in summer you might find some regions covered with snow, icicles or experiencing rain and breeze of spring.

Beyond The Cultural Sites of Iran

Iran is the land of history and culture, not only because of its Pasargad and Persepolis, Chogha Zanbil, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Yazd and Shiraz, Khuzestan and Isfahan, and its tangible heritage inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List; indeed its millennial civilization and thousands historical and archeological monuments and sites demonstrate variety and value of religious and spiritual heritage, rituals, intact traditions of this country as a sign of authenticity and splendor.

Today we have inherited the knowledge and science from scientists, scholars and elites such as Hafez, Saadi Shirazi, Omar Khayyam, Ibn Khaldun, Farabi,Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ferdowsi and Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi.

Iran is the land of souvenirs with a lot of Bazaars and traditional markets. It is the origin of handicrafts and has more than two hundred kinds of arts and crafts of which have attained UNESCO Seal of Excellence.

Tourists can enjoy the quality of Iranian handicrafts and taste and smell of local food and cuisine. Iran, the land of four seasons, history and culture, souvenir and authenticity with mountains and deserts, forest, plains and seas, cultures and traditions is expecting you. If you would like to find a small world in a vast country, visit Iran.

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Why You Need to Visit Iran

Iranian Hospitality Will Amaze You!

There is a Persian saying which goes: “A guest is loved by God” and this is a true belief, widely reflected in Persian culture. As a tourist, you will sense the kindness and affection of Iranian people toward foreigners whom they consider as “dear guests”. Iranians love to receive you warmly in their country. They may not be able to communicate flawlessly through words, but they will surely demonstrate you their willingness to make you feel at home.

While traveling in Iran, you will probably get invited to people’s houses to try a homemade dish or spend a joyful evening together while drinking a delicious Iranian tea. Human interaction is an important part of any trip to Iran and this makes your journey a more distinctive, unique experience.

Iran is one of the most affordable destinations in the world

Whether you want to travel to Iran cheaply or lavishly, there will be limitless options for you. You can either accommodate in a 300-year-old luxurious palace and feel like an ancient Persian king or queen or you can try backpacking and hitchhiking to travel on a budget. In both cases, you will spend a lesser amount of money in comparison to other similar destinations.

If you prefer a quaint guesthouse or homestay, you can spend 10 days or more with a limited budget around 150$, which is amazing considering the quality of service you are going to receive. Add to this the fact that you can buy exotic, unique souvenirs like Persian carpet or the world’s best saffron with a fairly acceptable price.

You can experience all four seasons in a single trip

In a geographically diverse, vast land like Iran, you will have the chance to experience different climates within just a few hours. It sounds amazing that you can enjoy skiing in the slopes of Alborz mountains in the northern parts of the country and lie on the warm, sunny beaches of Persian Gulf at the very same day by taking a short, domestic flight. Few countries offer such a diverse climate to tourists, so you’d better grab the chance to experience different climates in Iran’s forests, deserts, mountains and beaches in just a single trip.

You will travel back in time by exploring Iran’s rich history and background

The name of Iran has always been intertwined with a very ancient history. It brings to mind many historical sites, myths, and legends that can excite any traveler. From the magnificent Persepolis- which even today, its ruins demonstrate the glory of this magnificent city- to some of the oldest human settlements in the world, all Iranian monuments and sites will bring you a sense of awe and admiration toward this ancient civilization. So, if you are interested in history and culture, visiting Iran with twenty-one UNESCO world heritage sites is a must!

Iranian dishes will reveal you the pleasures of Persian cuisine!

They say you can add an extra day to your life trying new food. When it comes to Persian cuisine, I completely agree with that! There are so many diverse flavors and tastes you can try in Iran and each one of them are unique in their own way. Besides, Iran is a heaven for sweet lovers, for almost any city in the country produces its special type of sweets and pastries. So, be ready to gain some weight while in Iran, as it is hard to say no to all these delicious options!

Iran is a very safe destination for tourists

Unlike what the media is trying to portrait, Iran is among the safest countries for travelers and it is not just an empty claim. Almost any tourist who travels to Iran is astonished by the contradiction which exists between the real Iran and the image of this country in the mass media. I have heard from many foreigners that Iran is one of the safest countries they have ever traveled to. Once you are here, you will admit it yourself.

Navigating Transport in Iran is easy and cheap

Iran has a fairly well-developed transportation system and if you intend to visit several cities in this country, you can easily do it. As well as the paved road system which links most of Iran’s towns and all of its cities, you can also travel by train or plane. Buses are clean and spacious but if you are limited on time, planes and trains in Iran are fast and economical alternatives. Although there are different classes at different prices, transport in Iran is generally inexpensive and lets you plan your trip easily and effectively.

The diversity of touristic resources in Iran is unbelievable!

For almost all types of travelers, Iran has something to offer. If you are interested in culture, for instance, Iran will be your heaven. You will have the chance to meet several ethnic groups from Kurds and Azaris to Lurs and Balochs and learn about their authentic customs. If you are into art, then the amazing architecture of Iran’s monuments, unbelievable collections of its capital’s museums and the music and cinema will satisfy you. For nature lovers, mountain climbers and hikers, Iran has some of the most breathtaking natural attractions. If you are a photographer, I assure you that you are going to take some of your most unique photos in Iran!

Romantic Persian gardens and ancient cities of Iran resemble legendary tales

If you walk in one of the largest cities of the world built almost entirely out of adobe, or chill out for a few hours in a dreamy Persian garden, you may feel that you are a part of a very old legend. Although modernity is transforming the appearance of different cities in Iran, there are still cities and places which have preserved their authenticity and unique style. They freeze time with their architecture and atmosphere. So, you can forget about the fast-paced life of cosmopolitan cities and immerse yourself in a different rhythm of life, as if you are a personage in a very ancient tale!

Iran is like nowhere else and you better discover it yourself!

Iran is totally different from other countries in the middle east and although you may have many ideas around this country, the fact is that you will never know until you see it for yourself. This is especially true for Iran as a country which needs more honest and unbiased opinions of real human experience. Once you are here, you will realize that what you have observed is far from what you previously had in mind. Maybe that’s why they say traveling makes you a more open-minded person. After all, isn’t that what traveling and exploring is all about?

Dos & Don’ts Of Visiting Iran For The First Time

Iran is a land of ancient history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality. It’s a unique and fascinating destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. However, like any new place, it’s important to be aware of cultural customs and norms to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Here are some dos and don’ts for visiting Iran for the first time.

DO dress modestly

Iran is an Islamic country, and modest dress is expected in public. Women should wear headscarves and loose-fitting clothing that covers their arms and legs. Men should avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts. It’s also a good idea to avoid clothing with political or offensive messages.

DON’T bring alcohol or drugs

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in Iran. Visitors caught with these substances can face serious legal consequences. It’s also important to note that non-Muslims are not permitted to enter mosques while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

DO bring cash

Iran is a cash-based society, and credit cards are not widely accepted. Visitors should bring enough cash to cover their expenses, including accommodations, transportation, and meals. It’s also a good idea to exchange money at official currency exchange offices rather than on the street.

DON’T take photos of people without permission

While many Iranians are friendly and welcoming to tourists, it’s important to respect their privacy. Ask for permission before taking photos of people, particularly women. It’s also illegal to take photos of military installations or government buildings.

DO try local food

Iranian cuisine is diverse and delicious, with dishes like kebabs, stews, and rice dishes. Visitors should try local restaurants and street food vendors for an authentic culinary experience. It’s also important to note that during the holy month of Ramadan, many restaurants may be closed during the day.

DON’T criticize the government or religion

Iran is a politically sensitive country, and criticism of the government or religion can lead to serious consequences. Visitors should avoid discussing politics or religion with locals unless they are invited to do so.

DO respect local customs and traditions

Iranian culture is steeped in history and traditions, and visitors should be respectful of local customs. This includes removing shoes before entering a home or mosque, greeting locals with “salam” (hello), and avoiding physical contact with members of the opposite sex in public.

DON’T forget to bargain

Bargaining is common in Iran, particularly in bazaars and markets. Visitors should not accept the first price offered and should be prepared to negotiate for a fair price.

DO hire a local guide

Hiring a local guide can enhance your experience in Iran by providing insights into local customs and culture. They can also assist with navigating the country’s transportation system and help plan your itinerary.

DO be aware of prayer times

Islam is the predominant religion in Iran, and prayer times are observed five times a day. Visitors should be aware of these times and avoid visiting mosques during prayer times. It’s also a good idea to be respectful of those praying in public spaces and avoid making noise or engaging in distracting activities.

DON’T be afraid to ask for help

Iranians are known for their warm hospitality, and many are eager to help visitors navigate their way through the country. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or recommendations from locals, but be sure to approach them with respect and politeness.

DO be prepared for cultural differences

Iranian culture is different from many Western countries, and visitors should be prepared for some culture shock. This can include things like segregated public transportation, limited availability of alcohol, and gender segregation in some public spaces. Embrace the differences and try to learn as much as possible about Iranian culture during your trip.

DON’T ignore visa requirements

Visitors to Iran must obtain a visa before arrival, either through an embassy or online application. Failure to obtain the correct visa can result in denied entry into the country. Make sure to research visa requirements and obtain the appropriate documentation before your trip.

DO explore beyond the main tourist sites

Iran has many incredible destinations beyond its famous tourist sites. Consider exploring lesser-known cities and regions to truly immerse yourself in Iranian culture and history. Local guides can be particularly helpful in planning off-the-beaten-path excursions.

Iran boasts a rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality that make it unlike anywhere else in the world.

Yes, Iran is generally a safe destination for travelers. Crime rates are low, and locals are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

Some of Iran’s top attractions include the ancient ruins of Persepolis, the stunning mosques and bazaars of Isfahan, and the vibrant city of Tehran.

Iranian cuisine is diverse and flavorful, featuring dishes like kebabs, stews, and rice dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are also widely available.

Spring (March-May) and fall (September-November) are the best times to visit Iran, with mild temperatures and less rainfall than in other seasons.

Iran has a well-developed transportation system, including buses, trains, and taxis. English signage is also common, making navigation easier for travelers.

Iranian culture is steeped in history and traditions, with a strong emphasis on hospitality and family. Visitors can experience this firsthand through local customs and festivals.

Yes, Iran offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and visiting natural landmarks like deserts and mountains.

The local currency in Iran is the Iranian rial. Visitors can obtain it through currency exchanges or by withdrawing cash from ATMs.

While it is possible to travel independently in Iran, hiring a local tour guide can enhance your experience by providing insights into local customs and culture.

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