Afif-Abad Garden is a museum complex in Shiraz, Iran. Located in the affluent Afif-Abad district of Shiraz, the complex was constructed in 1863.

It contains a former royal mansion, a historical weapons museum, and a Persian garden, all open to the public.

It’s an old and beautiful garden with it’s residence by the middle of the city.

A very quiet and pleasant place to visit and take lots of photos even for couples.

You can also rent traditional clothes for more interesting photos.

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Afif-Abad Garden is a beautiful spot for locals and tourists to escape to from the afternoon heat in the hotter months.

  • Address

    Namazi St., Shiraz

  • Telephone

    +98 711 6267343

  • Website


  • Opening hours


  • Prices

    admission US$0.50

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