Tabiat Bridge is a new walking bridge which is constructed above one of the most beautiful highways in Tehran (Modares Highway). The bridge connects two parks in the area (East side: Taleghani Park, and West side: Ab va Atash (Water and Fire) park).

The design is perfect, Steel Pipes with wooden floor, in some parts it has 3 floors, and there is a great food court on the lowest level. One thing which is unique is the lightning; it is done beautifully and makes this Bridge awesome at Nights.

We definitely suggest traveler to experience the enjoyable walk on Tabiat Bridge!

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The Nature Bridge or Tabiat Bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran, Iran. The 270-metre bridge connects two public parks—Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park.

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    Tehran Province, Tehran, Modares Hwy

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    Everyday 8:00 to 23:00

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