Iran Rose Harvest & Rosewater Festival

Every year around the villages of Ghamsar & Niasar of Kashan, hundreds tons of roses are produced, distilled and turned into rosewater. The production of rosewater in Iran has a long history of more than 2500 years. The ancient cities of Kashan and Qamsar are among the leading centers for the production of rosewater in Iran.

The technology for producing rosewater and essential oil has remained almost unchanged for 2500 years of existence. All the magic begins with harvesting. The collection ceremony traditionally begins long before sunrise – to preserve the unique aroma of the flower.

Harvested flowers are placed in copper pots with added water and then sent to an oven made of brick and cement or stones and mud. Then a strong fire is kindled, and while water boils, rosewater steam is released with essential oils, which condenses and flows through aluminum pipes into a special container. The entire distillation process takes about 4 hours, and as a result they get 40 liters of rosewater out of 30 kg of flowers.

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan and Qamsar

The Rosewater Festival in Kashan and Qamsar is filled with bright colors, traditional dances and music, fragrant flowers and real hospitality of local residents. Many families have their own manufacture in the form of a small distillation apparatus for producing rosewater. Locals are happy to share their secrets with tourists. Residents of the region are immensely proud of their production: rosewater is not only exported to various parts of the world, but each year is used to wash the holy Kaaba in Mecca which is the most sacred place for every Muslim in the world.

All photos by: (Iranian news agency)

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