Best Summer Destinations in Iran

There are great places in Iran which you can choose as your destination to escape the heat and enjoy a cool, pleasant weather in the summer.

One of the aspects that turn Iran to an amazing tourist destination is the fact that you can experience all four seasons at once in this country. In fact, by taking a short internal flight or a journey on train or bus, you can move from summer to winter and vice versa!

Although a vast part of the country in the center is covered with deserts, beautiful forests and shores have been located in the northern and southern parts of Iran and make it a suitable destination for summer or winter holidays. Of course, southern Iran is located near the Persian Gulf and is warm all year round, so it would be a great choice for colder months of the year.

On the contrary, northern Iran, located next to the Caspian Sea, is covered with evergreen forests and mountains and therefore, would be among the best options for a relaxing holiday in the hottest months of the summer. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best summer destinations in Iran for experiencing a memorable and joyful holiday in the warmer seasons.


Asalem is a small green city located in Talesh county, Gilan province in the north part of Iran. Due to its geographic location and the surrounding mountains and areas such as Gisoom forest, it enjoys mild weather during the summer. In addition, the dreamy road from Asalem to Khalkhal can be a great camping option for this time of the year. The route from Asalem to Khalkhal is considered to be one of the most scenic forests roads in the whole country.


Kermon Village in Asalem. [email protected]

Asalem to Khalkhal Road


Asalem to Khalkhal Road- [email protected]


This extraordinary village is located near Tabriz in East Azerbaijan province. The village has preserved its unique form for more than 800 years and its habitats have carved their homes inside rocks and unusual stone formations in the mountain. The rocks keep the houses cool during the summer and warm in the winter. The best time to visit the village is in summer, as it gets really cold in other seasons of the year.


Kandovan Village. [email protected]


Located in Savadkooh in Mazandaran province, Alasht and its beautiful surroundings are one of the best summer destinations of Iran. The village has a long history and due to its wonderful climate, is visited by many travelers each year especially during the summer and first months of the autumn. There are amazing waterfalls and forest routes for tracking around the village which will make you appreciate the beauty of the region. The village has also an observatory and the beautiful lake of Shoormast is located 50 kilometers away from it.


Located in Ardabil province in northwestern Iran, Sarein is a great destination for escaping the heat of the summer. The province is actually one of the coolest regions of Iran and gets very cold during the winter. Sarein is actually famous for the numerous natural hot springs which are believed to have therapeutic effects. In addition, visiting the inactive volcano in mount Sabalan and the Meshgin Shahr suspension bridge is a must while in Ardabil.


Mount Sabalan. [email protected]


The beautiful province of Kurdistan is a wonderful destination for visiting in the last months of summer and enjoying the natural beauties of this mountainous region. As well as visiting the amazing villages of Uraman and Palangan, you can see the Zarivar lake in Marivan and Abidar mountain in the west of Sanandaj.

Uraman Village. [email protected]


Zarivar Lake. [email protected]


Known as the roof of Mazandaran province, Filband is a small mountainous village located at an altitude of about 2300 meters above the sea level. Due to its position, Filband can only be visited during the warmer seasons of the year and thus, would be a wonderful destination for those who seek pleasant weather and amazing nature for relaxing. Here you can read more about this dreamy destination.

The winding road leading to Filband. [email protected]


Kuhrang county is located in Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari Province in central Iran. As well as being famous for its beautiful waterfall, Kuhrang is known for its fritillaries field and many visitors travel to the region to see these beautiful flowers. Nature is very unique and distinct in comparison to other parts of the country and you can see many natural parks here as well as many ancient castles and citadels. The best time to visit Kuhrang is during spring and summer.

Darreh Rezgeh Waterfall in Kuhrang. [email protected]

Reverse Tulips in Central Iran. [email protected]

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