Iran Travel Advice And Tips

In recent years Iran has been featured regularly in world news: the nuclear deal, sanctions against Iran, the presidential election in June 2013 when Mr. Rouhani was elected as President was beamed to every corner of the world through official news channels, and on social networking sites. And now, after all negative news The World Travel Market 2015 Industry report said Iran was set to become a tourism hot spot and tourists rushing to discover the riches the country has to offer. If you’re planning your first trip, take on board these Iran travel tips from our experts.

Iran Desert Garmeh and Mesr Desert, Iran
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Exploring the nature in the desert of “Mesr”

The desert of “Mesr” has taken its name from a simple and free-standing village of the same name, which is located nearby.
The bride of flowers; a Gilani ceremony to welcome the spring
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The bride of flowers; a Gilani ceremony to welcome the spring

Aroos-e Gooli or Naz Khanoom in Persian, which means the bride’s flower, is a symbol of the spring and the beautiful nature in this season; therefore, they choose their dress from the variety of colors of this season.
Small Group Tours Iran
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What’s your travel style? Are you into group tours or solo travel to Iran?

Are you going to hit the road to Iran and no one is going to join you? Here's what to know when you're planning your next trip to Iran.
The Most Delicious Iranian Cuisine in Each of the Cities of Iran
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The Most Delicious Iranian Cuisine in Each of the Cities of Iran

Iran is home of the most delicious food in the world. This article will introduce you the best Iranian cuisine. Here is a list most delicious Iranian cuisine in each of the cities of Iran from Chelo Kebab to Fantastic Abgoosht and Tabrizi Koofteh in Tabriz.
The Nasir al-Mulk MosquePhoto by Robert Schrader
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What Americans Need to Know About Visiting Iran

If you're an American who wants to visit Iran, you probably feel excited by photos of kaleidoscopic mosques and endless desert landscapes, but you also likely feel hopeless. After all, it's not possible for Americans to visit Iran, on account of the relations between our two countries. Right?
Baghe E Eram Shiraz Iran
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Top 10 Places To See In Shiraz

A list of top 10 attractions in Shiraz to encourage you to pay a visit to and examine this ancent and also beautiful center! Welcome to Shiraz, the city of roses and nightingales and is one of the five largest cities in Iran.
The Louvre at Tehran
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Tehran Museum Hosting Unprecedented Louvre

The iconic French museum packed up and shipped for the first time some of its artworks to Tehran. The carefully curated collection is about to be displayed in the National Museum of Iran, which will mark the first large-scale exhibition by a major Western museum in Iran.
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Iranian Preparing To Celebrate Nowruz: The Persian New Year

Nowruz 2018 coming and Iranian preparing to celebrate the Persian new year. Iranian people carry out a thorough cleaning of houses these days and are waiting for the spring.
Why travel to Iran Should you cancel that Iran vacation
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Why travel to Iran? Should you cancel that Iran vacation?

Iran will transform you. To process the world in an interpretable way, people often refer to stereotypes as a way to understand different places. In Iran’s case, these stereotypes have developed through the prism of international relations, in particular through the hostility of some governments to the Iranian one.
Hormoz, An Island With Edible Mountains in Iran
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Hormoz - An Island With Edible Soil in Iran

The Island and Strait of Hormuz the Persian Gulf known as the world's most important oil chokepoint due to its daily oil flow of almost 17 million barrels per day.
Christmas in Iran How Iran Celebrate Christmas Eve
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Christmas in Iran – How Iranian Celebrate Christmas Eve

Christmas in Iran is celebrated by the Christian community of Iran. Most of Christians are Iranian Armenians who celebrate Christmas in Iran.
Photographing the hottest land surface on Earth in Iran - Travel to Iran
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From Icebergs to Kaluts - Photographing the hottest land surface on Earth

From Icebergs to Kaluts - Photographing the hottest land surface on Earth in Iran, The story of two photographers travelling to Dasht-e Lut desert.
YaldaNight Shab eYalda TraveltoIran SURFIRAN()
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Iran Gets Ready To Celebrate Yalda Night

Yalda night or Shab-e Cheleh is one of the most celebrated traditional events in Iran which marks the longest night of the year.
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The travelers' voice: Opinions about the SURFIRAN experience

There isn’t a better reference than from those who have already lived the SURFIRAN experience in any of our Iran tours so that future travelers can get an idea of what’s like to explore with us.
IranTrainTour DiscoverIranbyPrivateTrain
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Discover Persia by Luxury Train (2018 Registration Open)

Iran train tour named The Persian Caravan train tour offers an opportunity to visit the cultural and historical sites of Iran, boarding on a 5-star Iran train.