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Zanjan is the capital city of Zanjan province in Iranian Azerbaijan. Zanjan has a lot of historical sites. Soltaniyeh (Persian: سلطانيه‎, also Romanized as Solţānīyeh, Solţāneyyeh, Sultaniye, and Sultānīyeh; also known as Sa‘īdīyeh) is a city in and capital of Soltaniyeh District of Abhar County, Zanjan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 5,684, in 1,649 families. Soltaniyeh, located some 240 kilometres (150 miles) to the north-west of Tehran, used to be the capital of the 14th century Mongol Ilkhanid rulers of Persia. Its name translates as “the Imperial”. In 2005, UNESCO listed Soltaniyeh as one of the World Heritage Sites.

Zanjan Travel Guide
Zanjan Travel Guide

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There are plenty of scheduled bus services from Tehran (almost every half-hour), Tabriz and daily from Isfahan. From Tehran, it will take about four hours on highwaay. Refer to to book your ticket. VIP buses are beautifully air-conditioned and have top European standards.

Plane: Air travel is only possible from/to Mashhad and internationally from Najaf (Iraq) and Jaddah (Saudi Arabia).

Train: Between 5 to 10 trains from Tehran. Refer to for booking. Payment is only possible with Iranian cards.


Soltaniye Dome. Soltaniye Dome is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the third largest dome in the world after Santa Maria Dome and Hagia Sophia Dome and the largest brick made dome in the world.

Caravanserai Sangi.

Rakhtshurkhaneh. It is a traditional Qajar era laundry house and today it is Zanjan's Museum of Anthropology. Historical building of Rakhtshooy Khaneh (which means washhouse) lies at the historical texture of the Zanjan city and was built nearly 20th century. This place was used for washing clothes by women around the city. It was constructed by two brothers, Mashad Akbar and Mashadi Esmail. At the present, this historic building is being used as

Zanjan's anthropological museum.

Shah zeydolkabir, Abhar.

Pire zahrnoosh, Abhar.

Soltaniye Dome Zanjan Travel Guide


Papayi Ski Resort

Papayi Ski Resort is located 20 kilometers from Zanjan on the road to Bijar. This resort has a ski school, 2 ski lifts, parking space for skiers and a restaurant where they can have a snack after a day on the piste (ski-run). Papayi has a vertical drop of 600 meters and an altitude of 21,150 meters above sea level.

Goljyc cave

Goljyc cave 35 km south western of Zanjan city in Goljyc village is located. This is huge natural erosion limestone cave in the cave and emerged with a pleasant climate inside the refuge of pre-history. Its dimensions are 100 × 700 m and a height of approximately 50 meters. Man cave biological effects belonging to the 16 to 30 thousand years BC shows. Inside the cave, tools, equipment, bits of stone and bones of prey animals can be seen in abundance. What is most worthy of study, study and important works of architecture in the cave and closed the living spaces and privacy rose in its ownership.


Zanjan is famous for its knives, traditional sandals, and handicrafts.

Zanjan Travel Guide