Iran’s Natural Wonders vs Natural Wonders of the World

Comparing some of the natural wonders of Iran with similar destinations in other parts of the world remind us of the greatness and diversity of this vast land.

With 1,648,195 km² territory, Iran is the second-largest country in the middle east and the 17th largest country in the world. The vast land of Iran covers a very diverse natural topography, ranging from magnificent beaches stretching for miles to mysterious arid deserts. Comparing these natural attractions with similar wonders in other countries proves that Iran is truly a hidden gem in Western Asia, which is barely recognized and valued. After exploring some of these amazing spots with us, you too will confirm this claim!

Desert Meeting the Ocean

Darak beach is an amazing natural attraction, located in Sistan and Baluchistan province. It is a unique beach where the sea and the desert meet. A similar spot exists in Namibia, Southern Africa. The Namib beach is a coastal desert where the cold waters of the sea brush against the dunes of the desert.

Darak Beach in Chabahar,

Darak Beach in Chabahar, Iran.

The Namib Desert in Namibia, South Africa.

Cloud Forest

There is a famous natural attraction in Shahroud city in Semnan province, where natural lovers go there and camp to visit the clouds, standing like a sea below their feet. This location reminds us of Binacayan mountain in the Philippines, where a similar phenomenon attracts tourist from all around the world.

Cloud Forest in Shahroud, Iran

Cloud Forest in Shahroud, Iran.

Binacayan Mountain in the

Rainbow Mountains

Aladaghlar or the rainbow mountains of Mahneshan in Zanjan province are one of the most beautiful manifestations of nature in Iran. These mountains are known for their otherworldly colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling mountains. You can see a similar phenomenon in China within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park.

Rainbow Mountains in Mahneshan, Iran.

Rainbow Mountains in Mahneshan, Iran.

rainbow mountains

Rainbow mountains in china.

Golden Beach

In one of the southern cities of Sistan and Baluchistan province, Chabahar, the beautiful golden beaches resembles the golden beach in Varna, Bulgaria.

Golden Beach in Chabahar

Golden Beach in Chabahar, Iran.

Golden Beach in Varna, Bulgaria.

Martian Mountains

No matter if you stand in front of Martian mountains in Chabahar, Iran or Martian mountains in the Atacama Desert in Chile. They both remind you of a scene in a science fiction movie. It is like these strange, surreal mountains don’t belong to planet earth, rather they could be a part of another planet like Mars!

Martian Mountains in Chabahar, Iran

Martian Mountains in Chabahar, Iran.

Martian Mountains in Atacama desert, Chile. Photo@national

Stonewalls Canyon

Shiraz canyon in Lorestan province is one of the greatest natural attractions of Iran which can be compared with Kings canyon in Australia.

Shiraz Canyon in Lorestan,

Shiraz Canyon in Lorestan, Iran.

Kings Canyon in Australia.

Pink Lake

Pink lake is another amazing destination for those who love to visit unique spots on their trips. The one located in Shiraz in Fars province is called Maharloo and looks like the Victoria pink lake in Australia.

Pink Lake in Shiraz

Pink Lake in Shiraz, Fars.

Pink Lake in Australia.

Desert Yardangs

Lut desert Yardangs, also known as Kalouts, are unique attractions of Iran’s Lut Desert. These strange structures, which are the result of thousands of years of erosion by wind and rain, are similar to the ones in another part of the globe in Utah state in the United States!

Shahdad Kalouts in Kerman, Iran

Shahdad Kalouts in Kerman, Iran.

Desert Yardangs in Utah, USA.

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