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Why trust SURFIRAN?


There are many companies currently offering variety of tours to Iran, so why trust us?


Our team members include distinguished tour guides, travel experts, educators, business executives, former government officials and conservationists that has more than 15 years of experience as the tour guide, travel organizer.

Due to this experience we have an intimate knowledge of Middle East as well as Iran. We know the roads, the sights, the culture, the people, the seasons and much more.

We know where to find the best restaurants, who are the best local guides in each region, which local tour operators provide the best service and have a very close connection with local agencies that help ensure we are constantly up to date with changing local conditions.

We have developed such a passion for Iran, its landscapes, its people and its culture that we want to share with you all the beauty and wonder of this fantastic continent.


SURFIRAN born to provide a fully catered comfortable tour package, allowing clients more time to enjoy the beauty of Iran. We use only good central tourist class hotels and when camping we have 2 additional crew who drive ahead to set up walk-in tents, with proper bedding and who prepare all meals, take care of cleaning and other camp duties.

Our tours are almost fully inclusive including activities, park entrances and meals as outlined in our tour itineraries thus removing hidden costs.

Travelling overland we have the opportunity to really get to know each country that we visit and we have the opportunity to visit the remote more off-the-beaten-track areas while still visiting all the main attractions along the way.


SURFIRAN is a specialist Iran tour company.

Many other companies offer tours to multiple regions throughout the world. The world is a very large place and with such a large product range it is very difficult to maintain high levels of service and local knowledge and at the same time provide a personal touch and strong customer focus.

We do not promise our customers the world, only the best of Iran! Our focus is on you and your experience in Middle East.


Throughout our tours it is often necessary to employ the services of local operators to provide various sightseeing activities and guiding services. Our local suppliers are carefully selected based on many things.

These include the standard of service provided, the quality and safety standards of any equipment provided, the level of certification and licences held by the providers, and also the insurances that these operators possess.

Another important aspect for us is the way these operators conduct themselves in regards to respecting local cultures and the environment.

Tours & Activities hand-picked by local experts

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