Top 10 Museums You Can’t Miss in Tehran

Although the city is not included as the first choice on travelers’ itinerary, Tehran can actually be an attractive tourist destination. Apart from its annoying traffic and crowded streets, there are some peaceful spots like museums in Tehran where you can forget about all the chaos in the city and simply enjoy the silence and calm atmosphere there. Let’s explore some of Tehran’s best museums to see how they can entertain you in a city like Tehran and impact your viewpoint about Iran at the same time.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the best museums in Tehran which provide you with a clearer perspective on Iran.

National Museum of Iran

National Museum of Iran is the perfect option if you want to gain a complete overview of the rich heritage of Iran. Comprised of 2 complexes demonstrating ancient Iran and the Islamic era, the National Museum provides you with a great outlook on different aspects of the country’s history. It is located near Golestan Palace and Grand Bazaar of Tehran and thus can be visited while you are exploring these famous attractions of the city.

Carpet Museum

As carpets are a wonderful manifestation of Iranian art and culture, visiting this museum can give rise to a sense of appreciation for thousands of years of delicate works done by Iranian artists. The variety in colors, patterns and forms in carpets which are gathered from all over the country, is really unbelievable and can be a joyful experience if you are fond of art.

Cinema Museum

It is located in a beautiful garden named Ferdows and in a historic building which dates back to the Qajar era. The museum showcases different aspects of Iranian cinema and can easily entertain you for a few hours if you are interested in discovering this less-known aspect of Iranian culture. There are also some coffeehouses and a cinema in this complex, where you can enjoy your day after visiting the museum.

Abgineh Museum

This museum is home to an amazing collection of glassware and ceramics, belonging to different eras in the history of Iran. Not only the collection is worth a visit, the building itself and the surrounding areas located in 30-Tir, one of the oldest streets of Tehran, can be considered as a tourist attraction as well!

Jewelry Museum

It is one of the most popular destinations in Tehran, considering the fact that some invaluable pieces are kept here, such as the pink colored diamond of Darya-ye-Noor (182 Carats) and the Peacock Throne or Takht E Tavous, with 26,733 pieces of jewels attached to it. The museum is located in the basement of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, the working hours are very limited.

Time Museum

Apart from the great collection of different clocks and other instruments for measuring and displaying time, the building itself and the garden of Time museum with a beautiful coffeehouse are great for dedicating a few hours for exploring them.

 Music Museum

If you are interested in knowing more about Iranian traditional instruments and Iranian music culture in general, this would the perfect place for you. Located in the northern part of Tehran near Tajrish square, this museum will be a great spot for music lovers. You can also hear some samples in the museum to grasp the spirit of Iranian music.

Contemporary art museum

The history of Iran in art is not limited to ancient times, but many great modern artworks can also be found. In a beautifully-designed building by Kamran Diba, the museum showcases some of the best works of Iranian and western artists including paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings. You can also see some amazing sculptures made by famous artists such as René Magritte in its garden of sculptures. The museum also exhibits different collections of different contemporary artists during each season.

Jahan Nama Museum

As the museum was originally a private collection, it is very small in comparison to other museums, but the collection is among the best ones that you can find in Tehran. Collected by former queen of Iran, Farah Diba, the museum displays artworks from renowned eastern and western artists such as Warhol, Picasso and Joan Miró as well as some ancient works from Eygept, India, and Africa. It is located in Niavaran Complex and you can read about it in detail here.

Omidvar Brother’s Museum

There are many museums in the Sa’ad Abad complex and to be honest, all of them are worth a visit. But this small, yet amazing museum is really unique and special because it displays an amazing collection gathered from all around the world by the first Iranian tourists called Omidvar brothers. They started their journey on a motorcycle in 1954 and what they have collected during their travels to different continents and unique cultures such as primitive tribes, are really interesting and worth a look.

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