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Hamed and his team made sure our 14 days family tour of Iran expectational from start to finish. My family (10 people) and I were visiting Iran from Mauritius to celebrate a wedding and to the travel around the country. We travelled to Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan and Shiraz ( with detours to Abyanheh, Maybod and Nain). We travelled in a luxurious van throughout.

I enquired with various tour operators before choosing SURFIRAN. This was the best decision I could have made.

PLANNING – With the planning, Hamed and his team coordinated with me throughout to ensure that the tour would suit our needs, including the cities to visit, booking the best accommodation (mostly 5*), catering for everyone’s preferences and recommending the activities to do. Despite a few major last minute changes from me, the team at SURFIRAN accommodated for all our needs and was extremely flexible throughout. Hamed and his team were very patient, understanding and exceptionally responsive.

My recent 15 day visit to Iran exceeded expectations at every level. Iran is a beautiful country with a rich history (Persia) and culture dating as far back as the Archaemenid Empire. Contrary to misperceptions, it is welcoming and safe, and people we meet everywhere are so warm and friendly.
You are in good hands with SURFIRAN from airport arrival to airport departure. Hamed had all our queries answered prior to leaving Singapore, and arrangements were seamless. Our local guide Nima was extremely knowledgeable and by the end of the trip we had a brother in Iran. Aside from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fascinating handicrafts and delicious cuisine, most of all it is the warm hospitality of the Iranian people who made this one of my most memorable trips ever. I highly recommend Iran as a tour destination on your bucket list, and SURFIRAN and Nima for your visit.

I had a good friend in college from Iran and since then (almost 40 yrs) I’ve wanted to visit the country. I had always heard the people are welcoming and friendly and found that to be so true during the two weeks I traveled there. A beautiful country with beautiful people who upon learning I was from the US went out of their way to make me feel welcome. And the tour with SurfIran made it an effortless experience. Our time was planned very well with relaxation included during many afternoons before meeting up for dinner. I never felt rushed and our guide Kourosh made the tour fun, relaxed and interesting. Isfahan is now one of my all-time favorite places. So beautiful! My trip to Iran was a 40 year dream come true!

I have really enjoyed exploring and learning about Iran during my 8 day trip. I definitely recommend SurfIran as a tour company and they made a great itinerary for me. My guide, Mr. Hossein Pourmorour has been a great guide throughout my trip and I definitely recommend him as a guide as well. He is very knowledgeable about all the historical sites and knows a lot about Iran. He showed me very good restaurants for each meal we ate. He is very friendly and helpful throughout my tour. Whoever is reading this, I recommend they book a tour with SurfIran because I am very happy I did.

The two-week tour of the cities of Iran was wonderful!
SURFIRAN has organized everything very well. I would especially like to mention the excellent work of our guide, Mr. Mehdi. He did everything necessary for our comfort during the trip. He told us a lot of interesting information about the history and modern life of Iran. Thank you so much for the excellent work!

Iran was an unexpected delight. The nine day tour which Surfiran arranged was excellent value and very well thought out, taking in Yazd, Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz and many places in between. Our guide was excellent and the SurfIran team were always on hand to answer questions. The accommodation and food were of a very decent standard and in western terms, the country is astonishing value for money. Its also important to note how safe I felt, all the time. Everyone I met was kind, helpful and eager to talk about their country and my experience of it. I will be back.

Iran may perhaps not be the most obvious destination for most people, but for anyone who enjoys astonishing ancient sites and impressive monuments of Islamic art, amazing landscapes, bustling cities with colorful bazaars, great food, genuine hospitality, and possibly the most friendly people on earth, it should be top of their list! So if you are playing with the idea to visit this wonderful country, just contact SURFIRAN — with their excellent organization and swift communication they will ensure that you feel welcome, comfortable, and absolutely safe.

Saye (our ground agent) was very patient in answering all our questions (and we had a lot!). She was flexible in adjusting the itinerary to fit our requirements.

Our guide was Mehdi, possibly the best guide we’ve even had in all of our travels. A history buff, he captivated us with stories of the past. He was very attentive to what we needed, ensuring we ate well, spent more time at places which intrigued us. He received us at the airport when we arrived and saw us off when we left.

Such a fantastic tour! I was unsure about traveling to Iran as a solo female, but I felt confident going with SurfIran. Hamed in SurfIran was extremely helpful in assisting me to secure a travel visa, travel insurance, and in answering all of my queries to prepare me. He was even helpful in tailoring the tour to my needs (as I could not arrive on the first day in Tehran) and I was still welcomed at the airport by a different guide to take me to the hotel and get set up in Shiraz.
The tour was fantastic. I had Mehdi as the guide and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and skilled. He opened up the prehistory, the history, the culture and the people of Iran to me. I have to emphasis how safe I felt in Iran, and how friendly and genuine to people were.
The accommodations were lovely, the food was fantastic, and the archaeological and historical sites and architecture were so impressive. More than that, I fell in love with the mountains and deserts – I will surely be returning to explore these as soon as I can!

I was in Iran with my old travel mates Bea, Gloria and Paola on september.
We all agree to consider that journey one of the most exciting and interesting we have ever done.
We found out a safe, kind e welcomig Country and We are so grateful to SURFIRAN which has made that all possible, with great expertise and professionalism.
Surfiran helped us from the beginnig – for visa application – to the end.
We couldn’t have asked anythinks more.
Above all, a special thanks must go to our extraordinary guide YASNA (Princess YASNA, as we used to call her!). She is the best!
We can’t wait to come back in Iran…with Surfiran and Yasna! :))

We traveled in 2 in a private tour around Iran in January 2019 for 13 days. I usually prefer to organize my trips by myself but this time we decided to go with an agency – the best decision we have ever taken! Surfiran since the beginning was extremely professional and responsive.

Furthermore, our cultural guide (Ali Koroghlian) introduced us to the local life and people in Iran and trust me .. that made a massive difference. We felt welcomed at any time by the locals and Ali made everything possible to satisfy all our expectations and needs (i’m a photographer so i might be painful sometimes for tour guides).

The itinerary was perfect for us and we are high pace travelers. We loved all places we visited and I wouldn’t take anything out from what we experienced. honestly, Surfiran and Ali made the difference for the first time in many times I travelled. Highly recommended.

We had 12 days in Iran: – Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.
Our SURFIRAN tour organisation and support was excellent with Saber handling our bookings and visiting us twice in Tehran to ensure we were happy with all arrangements.
We also had the pleasure of a wonderful tour guide and driver, Mehdi, who was well informed, very thoughtful and attentive while at the same time being respectful of our space. He was also masterful and fearless at bypassing long queues to get us into restaurants, attractions and the like.
Surfiran accommodated and facilitated our preferences on accommodation and locations very efficiently.
We have travelled quite a bit, generally independently, but were keen to have more support for Iran. This was a correct assessment and we are very glad with our selection of Surfiran.
On the cost front, they came in well below major tour operators and this was doubly so allowing for the fact that we had a private guide and car compared to a bus and top shelf accommodation. We would definitely recommend them.

This was a fantastic holiday. Surfiran were really helpful from the start with Farzaneh replying to emails really quickly and helping with our visa applications. Our tour group consisted of just me, my husband and another couple and we all got on really well. Our tour guide, Abdi, was really knowledgeable about everywhere that we went. He also had a really good sense of humour and we all got on really well throughout the tour.

As well as the expected mosques, we saw lots of palaces, gardens, hammams and bazaars, as well as going up to Darband in the north of Tehran, which is completely different to anything else we saw there. The 2 hotels in Tehran were OK, but the other 3 hotels were stayed at were lovely, with 2 of them having courtyards with fountains and pools which were really pretty.

One of the main things that stood out for us was the friendliness of the Iranian people. So many people asked us where we were from and wished us a happy holiday.

On the whole I would recommend Surfiran for anyone wishing to travel to Iran and the fact that we were in a little group really made the holiday special from anything else we have done.

Marvellous and unforgettable experience

Do yourself a favour and visit Iran. And if you would like a smooth, inclusive and carefree experience contact SurfIran.
Everything has been great, Farzaneh helped us from day 1, there were a couple of small misunderstanding/miscommunication on behalf of the Australian operator, and Farzaneh went above and beyond to sort them out.

The guides were fantastic, we spent a day with Sarjat in Tehran, followed by the rest of the tour with Arya. I will always treasure the memories I’ve made with these people and all the knowledge they’ve shared with us. Farzaneh called everyday to check that everything was good. I was very impressed by the level of attention.
Hotels were great, clean, comfortable and top quality service.

Definitely an excellent experience.

I took a 15 day tour in May-June 2018 with Surfiran and absolutely loved the experience. Coming from the United States of America I definitely had a lot of questions and had to go through a long visa application process, but Farzaneh from Surfiran was extremely helpful and very responsive throughout the entire process. The visa application process took about 6 weeks from start (booking the trip) to finish (receiving my passport back from the Pakistani embassy), but Farzaneh and I were in frequent contact with updates and answers to all of my questions.

My trip ended up consisting of a driver, a guide (Ahmad), another American (female solo traveler) and an Australian guy (also solo). We were all about the same age, roughly 25-35, which made this a particularly fun group. Before the trip, I inquired about the possibility of a home cooked dinner with an Iranian family. We ended up having dinner at Farzaneh’s house with her mom, aunt, Farzaneh and her brother and sister. It was a great experience with a personal touch you might not get with larger tour companies.

I took 9-Day Iranian Culture and Heritage Small Group Tour from April 27th through May 5th 2018 with Surfiran tour company. I spend 2 extra days in Tehran before the tour. Complimentary scenic day tour on private train to Alborz mountains north of Tehran is included in every tour with Surfiran.

I also visited Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and small cities in between. I was amazed by magnificent architectural and cultural heritage of Iran, and its beautiful nature and kind people. I was joined by another tourist from Germany, so my tour was almost private for the price of a group tour. As US citizen I felt very comfortable in Iran all the time during my tour.

Fantastic honeymoon experience thanks to SURFIRAN

We had a great experience with Surfiran who helped us plan a customised honeymoon package that took us from Tehran to Kashan, Esfahan, the Central Desert, Yazd, Persepolis and Shiraz in 13 days.

Everything went smoothly thanks to Farzaneh who was extremely prompt over email and Whatsapp and kept in touch with our guides the whole trip to make sure things were on track. The guides – Hosein, Kian, Ali and Sajad – were all professional, attentive and spoke fluent English, each with their own distinctive personalities and all passionate to show us Iran from a local perspective.

I’ll admit we were rather cautious about going to Iran at first but the experience with Surfiran really changed our perspective. The level of service was comparable to what we were used to in Singapore and on trips to Europe and the hospitality and warmth far exceeding what we would have got from a mass tour.

Kudos to the team and we hope to be back!


My name is ATHINA PERGANTI, I am from Greece ,i’m 50 years old ,married with a son 24 years old.I work at VODAFONES. As an accountant and we own (me and my husband) 2 restaurants in Athens.

My decision to visit Iran didn’t came suddenly , i have strong connections here in Athens with the Iranian community (most of them refugees) and also via social media i had managed to create a circle of friends which became friends in real while i was in Iran.I had met most of them.I’m a happy person , optimist and kind.I like to travel too much and my next trip will be again in Iran too soon.

Thank you by heart for your kindness,helpfulness and professional touring i had received from SURFIRAN.

Thank you SURFIRAN for a fascinating glimpse into 2,500 years of Persian history and culture! My friend and I are still raving about this trip to everyone we know, especially about our fun and highly knowledgeable guide, Mahdie, the incredible palaces, mosques, caravanserais and mouthwatering local cuisine, and, of course, the extremely friendly and open Iranian people. We can’t wait to come back!

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My husband and I just returned from our tour a few days ago so every experience we had is still fresh in our minds.

SURFIRAN arranged the tour just for the two of us. Though we had an itinerary, there was flexibility. From the day we stepped into Iran to the day we left, we were given very personalised service. Farzaneh, Sajad and Alireza are people we will long remember.

Never have we ever been to a country (and we gave been to more than a hundred) where we were greeted with warmth almost everywhere we went! People on the streets, in the museums, on the trains, at the airport; everywhere. The traffic in Tehran may seemed chaotic but it is somehow it flowed smoothly.

Out of bustling Tehran there’s so much to feast the eyes. The ancient sights, the old buildings, the bazaars, the museums, the traditional accomodations, the desert and not forgetting the food! With two days extention on our own, we had 11 wonderful days in Iran!

My trip was not an ordinary tourist trip to Iran visiting the sights of the ancient civilization if the country. I was interested in the equine activities n the country due to the fact that I had been a horse trainer working for the Court in the 1970s. SURFIRAN did a great job in satisfying my desires. I not only met up with old friends in the horse world but it was arranged for me to visit shows, polo matches, races and many horse farms and clubs. Their guides, driver and personnel were the best. I highly recommend this agency.

Iran Desert Garmeh and Mesr Desert, Iran

We spent two weeks in Iran and loved our time there. SURFIRAN were fantastic to work with and helped us plan an amazing itinerary. We wanted to plan and book with a local company to get local knowledge and put our money on the ground there instead of going through a larger international tour company.

The lovely people in the office were helpful and prompt with our questions. Our two guides were fantastic. Sajad, our guide in Tehran, is a friendly knowledgable guy. We had a ball and enjoyed his company. Our guide in other cities, Mustafa, is a real character and expert. Both are warm like most people we met in Iran.

Iran is an amazing place. And, while it’s history, culture and food are clear highlights, the one thing that keeps shining through is that war,th of the people. We had many experiemces of people’s hospitality and just wanting to welcome us to Iran.

Thank you SURFIRAN for showing us you great country.

Win M

I was in Iran from 1 to 15 April 2017. Everything from hotel to guided tours was arranged by SURFIRAN. I traversed from Khoy in west Azerbaijan all the way to Shiraz, covering 10 cities. I went there with low expectation but came back with cherished memory awed by food, people and architectures fused with rich history and tradition. Thanks to SURFIRAN, everything from visa to transfer to stay went very well.

I will definitely use the same service if I ever visit Iran again.

Matt HK

I visited Iran on September 2016 with SURFIRAN. Iran is an amazing country with much to see and do for everyone, and it is made even more enjoyable by the friendly & knowledgeable tour guides & locals.


We organized a 3 weeks tour in Iran through SURFIRAN. SURFIRAN is a very Professional travel agency who understands their customers needs and expectations.

Our stay in Iran was just fabulous, the program built by SURFIRAN was great, we have seen many and many very interesting sites and locations.

Our guides, Maryam and Mr Hor have a deep knowledge of Iran culture and they spent a lot of time to explain us everything in a very valuable way.

Maryam speaks a very good french. We really enjoyed our stay in Iran and I recommend very strongly SURFIRAN as travel agency if you plan to go to Iran. SURFIRAN makes life easy for you during your stay.


Our 3 weeks in Iran were just fabulous, we really enjoyed our stay. SURFIRAN, a very Professional travel agency, set up for us a very nice tour , the program respected our expectations, we have seen many and many very interesting sites and locations.

We had a good team, 2 guides: Maryam and Mr Hor who have a deep knowledge of Iran culture, Maryam speaking french, very fluent by the way, explained us everything in a very valuable way And Mr Hor speaking only Iranian was accountable to select the best places to have drinks, meals, shopping.

If you go to Iran I would recommend SURFIRAN as travel agency , they will make your happy by discovering this country.


Un pays magnifique , des sites et des paysages à coupler le souffle. L’accueil des iraniens est à recommander à beaucoup d’autres: conviviaux , agréables, prêts à aider…

Notre périple d’abord classique Téhéran, Kashan, Ispahan , Yads et Shiraz sans oublier Persépolis. Ensuite Mashhad , le nord et la mer caspienne puis le retour à Téhéran à travers le massif de l’Arlborz…inoubliable. Cet itinéraire permet d’appréhender la grande variété des paysages de l’Iran et éviter de penser qu’il n’y a qu’un désert.

Pour l’agence un sans faute , très bonne organisation et réactivité . Une guide parlant français Maryam très compétente , un chauffeur extra, un accompagnement de tous les instants sans pesanteur. Ils nous ont permis de découvrir des lieux que seuls nous aurions ignorés.

A recommander nous aimerions y retournés et bien évidemment si cela se fait ce sera avec la même agence.

Visited May 2016
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Salam Dr Mehdi Eshraghi,

I was one of the four ladies together with Prof Dr Rohany Nasir who went to Iran for the first time using your tour company. We had a good time throughout our holiday and wished we could have stayed longer. We were made welcomed by Prof Rohany’s former students in Isfahan who invited us to their homes and showered us with Persian hospitality.

Thank you for giving us Maryam Hodaeian as a guide. She was very professional, efficient and at the same time receptive to the needs of four elderly ladies!! By the end of the holiday we became good friends and treat her like a daughter. We also had a good time with our driver Mohammad who drove us safely throughout the long journey and we were sad to say goodbye to him in Shiraz when we flew back to Tehran.

We love all the places we visited and especially your food!! Compared to Turkey and Morocco I love Persian food the most as there are so many varieties!! InsyaAllah we will go back to visit other parts of Iran. Next time can you include a portion of Azerbaijan as well? I will definitely recommend your tour company to friends and families who are going to Iran.


Tengku Fauziah Hazizah Tg Othman

Johannes Grumet

Organization of round trip, hotel accommodation and flights were perfect. Our guide Mostafa was absolutely excellent, helpful, friendly and his information about Iran were very informative. Thanks a lot !

Will come back soon.

Stephen Barber

Everything was arranged very efficiently. Nothing went wrong. Our guide, Mostafa Farhadi, was remarkable. Not only was he a brilliant driver, but his knowledge of the culture, history and contemporary life of Iran was amazing. He also had superb contacts in all the places we visited.

He is clearly known and respected by many other guides, as well as by managers and owners of the hotels, restaurants and sites we visited. He managed to satisfy all our interests and to overcome every difficulty. Of course we were thrilled to experience the cultural treasures of this great country, but still the most treasured memories are of our encounters with Iranian people, Including some introductions that our friends had made beforehand.

Thank you for arranging everything.

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