Armen Ohanian in Damavand


Hello, I’m Armen! Travel is more than just a hobby for me—it’s my deepest passion. I am particularly enthusiastic about sharing the stunning and diverse landscapes of Iran with visitors from around the world. My studies in tourism and languages have equipped me perfectly for this mission, enabling me to bridge cultures and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life.

I’m naturally adventurous, always seeking thrills in activities like mountaineering, racing, various sports, skiing, photography, and aviation. Each of these passions challenges me in unique ways, pushing me to explore my limits and discover what I’m capable of.

I also have a special love for discovering rare and lesser-known places around the globe. Venturing off the beaten path to explore these hidden gems is what truly excites me.

Come join me as we discover hidden gems, tackle new challenges, and make lasting memories together!


I have a decade of experience as a travel planner, particularly specializing in B2B relations within the travel industry. My expertise centers on trip consulting, where I partner with individuals and travel agencies to design customized vacations that explore unique destinations. My approach focuses on delivering in-depth guidance and support to transform each journey into an unforgettable adventure.


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