Saye Shams


I was born in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, a lovely place where I grew up. I earned my B.A in English literature from Varamin University.

I have always been interested in discovering my country and learning more about its culture and history. I love to explain and show this beautiful country to others, especially foreigners. So, I studied tourism and passed the tour guide courses at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts in Iran. To me, it seems that the media does not understand the reality of Iran or portray its beauty. I deeply want to show Iran to foreign tourists “as it is”.

As for me, I really love studying English literature and language. I also love working with computers and trying to learn new things about them. In my free time, I read, listen to music and play Kalimba, and whenever I can, I travel and visit new places.


I specialize in creating customized tours for foreign clients who are visiting Iran and showing visitors authentic Iran. In terms of activities and knowledge, my strongest points are history, culture, and local lifestyle. I have also written some texts and created content about historical places and ceremonies, such as short video clips and podcasts, which would be an honor for me to share with others.

I also have expertise in the cities of Iran, in particular the capital, Tehran. Many great palaces and museums are located here, such as Golestan Palace, Sa’adabad Palace, Marmar Palace, the National Museum, and Ebrat (torture) Museum. I have visited all these places, and all of the cathedrals and cemeteries many different times and have studied them in detail!


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