Christmas in Tehran’s Armenian Districts

Christmas in Tehran: From Majidiyeh to Mirza Shirazi Street

Tehran’s Armenian Neighborhoods transform into a lively spectacle of lights, scents, and festivities as Christmas and the New Year approach.

Notably, areas like Majidiyeh, Ararat, Mirza Shirazi Street, and Karim Khan stand out for their vibrant celebrations.

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Christmas in Tehran: Mirza Shirazi Street

Mirza Shirazi Street, known for toy shops and particularly famous for its doll stores, becomes a bustling Christmas market in December.

Christmas In Tehrans Armenian Districts

As winter begins and the first snowflakes grace the city streets, this area, popular among the Armenian community, turns into a Christmas wonderland. The street’s shops adorn their windows with large Santa Claus dolls, decorated pine trees, and red baubles, creating a festive atmosphere.

The Transformation into a Tourist Attraction

In recent years, the Christmas market on Mirza Shirazi Street has evolved into a central tourist attraction in Tehran. It’s not just Christians who visit for shopping; families from all around Tehran flock to the street, especially given its status as Tehran’s toy hub.

From the middle of the street upwards, near the Mirza Shirazi petrol station, toy shops line the road, offering a wide array of options for children.

The Armenian Community and Churches

Christmas In Tehran
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The majority of Christians and Armenians in this Tehran district celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm. The Armenian Evangelical Church on Mirza Shirazi Street, located in Arfa alley, is particularly significant for Protestant followers. This church hosts special programs for Armenians during Christmas. The Holy Sarkis Church, Paul Church, and the Armenian Aras School are other important community centers in this area.

Mirza Shirazi Street During Christmas

Christmas In Tehrans Armenian Districts

The atmosphere in the Sanai neighborhood and Mirza Shirazi Street during Christmas is enchanting. The brightly decorated shops and cafes, Santa Claus figures, Christmas trees, colorful lights, luxury gift boxes, delicious sweets, chocolates, cute cookies, reindeer dolls, and the irresistible smell of coffee and cake create a festive mood.

Armenian shopkeepers note that not only Christians but Muslims and other citizens also actively participate in the festivities.

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Attractions on Mirza Shirazi Street

Besides Christmas shops, the street is home to famous establishments like Golden Confectionery and Golden Sandwich. Most employees at these shops are Armenians, with Golden Sandwich having been a staple in the neighborhood since 1963. For a nostalgic taste of Tehran, Golden Sandwich is a must-visit.

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Geographical Significance

Christmas In Tehrans Armenian Districts

Sanai neighborhood and Mirza Shirazi Street are part of the old Behjatabad district of Tehran, known for its pleasant climate and history dating back to before 1921. The area was developed by Mirzayousef Mostofi al-Mamalek, with the district initially named after his daughter Behjat, wife of Jalal al-Dowleh. Later, it was renamed to Sanai neighborhood. Mirza Shirazi Street, formerly known as Nader Shah Street, is centrally located in Tehran, connecting to Karim Khan Street in the south and Shahid Motahhari Street in the north.

Beethoven Music Center

Another significant landmark is the Beethoven Music Center, the oldest music store in Iran, located in the middle of Mirza Shirazi Street. Founded in 1953 by Karim Chaman Ara and his brothers, it now functions as a museum-house, selling music albums and cultural products, and includes a café and greenhouse. It is also a center for purchasing concert tickets.

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The Armenian influence is evident in Mirza Shirazi Street, with many Armenians residing and managing shops in the area. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees in this street marks the preparation for the New Year celebrations.

In Tehran and other Iranian cities with Christian populations, the festive season showcases a harmonious coexistence of cultures and religions, where smiles are exchanged regardless of beliefs, creating a joyous and colorful atmosphere during the winter months.

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