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Ahvaz is one of the major cities of Khuzestan province. Due to the presence of the Karun River and its lively and vibrant nights, the city has become an attractive destination for tourists. In Ahvaz, various ethnic groups live peacefully alongside each other.

While visiting this city, tourists can encounter Arabic-speaking individuals or those with Dezfuli, Shooshtari, Abadani, and Bakhtiari accents. Additionally, the presence of large companies such as the National Iranian Drilling Company, the oil-rich regions in the south, and the Khuzestan Steel Company underscores the city’s significance. If you are planning a trip to Ahvaz, stay with us until the end of the article.

Geographical Location of Ahvaz

The geographical location of Ahvaz has made it one of the most important cities in Iran today. Ahvaz is the capital of Khuzestan province and neighbors cities like Abadan, Shush, Dezful, Andimeshk, Shooshtar, and Khorramshahr. With an area of 18,650 hectares, it is the eighth-largest city in Iran and the largest city in the southwestern part of the country.

Ahvaz is well-known for its oil fields, related companies, numerous bridges, and the Karun River. The Karun River, which is the most water-rich river in Iran, originates from the Zagros Mountains and, upon entering Ahvaz, divides this beautiful city into western and eastern parts. Ahvaz has a hot desert climate and experiences very hot summers.


How to Get To Ahvaz

Travelers to the city of Ahvaz can reach the city by air using airplanes or via land routes using trains, buses, or their personal cars. Each mode of transportation has its own advantages and disadvantages, and travelers can choose one of them based on their specific circumstances. The ways to travel to Ahvaz are as follows:

Traveling to Ahvaz by Airplane

Ahvaz Airport

The easiest, most comfortable, and of course, the most expensive way to travel to Ahvaz is by airplane.

The Ahvaz International Airport enables passengers to fly to Ahvaz, located in the southwestern part of Iran. On average, this airport handles between 20 to 30 domestic and international (incoming and outgoing) flights daily. Airlines operating at this airport include Mahan Air, Aseman Airlines, Iran Air, Ata Airlines, Iran Airtour, Karun Airlines, Kish Air, Varesh, Taban Air, Qeshm Air, and Zagros Airlines. Daily direct flights are available from Ahvaz to cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz. Additionally, there are weekly flights to destinations like Dubai, Kuwait, and Mashhad. If you are located a considerable distance from Ahvaz, especially in the northern, western, or eastern parts of Iran and have limited time for your trip, it’s recommended to use an airplane to reach Ahvaz.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Bus


For travelers heading to Ahvaz by bus from Tehran, they need to go to the South Terminal or Beyhaghi Bus Terminals to purchase tickets and board the bus. The distance that buses cover from Tehran to Ahvaz is 777 kilometers, and this route begins on the Persian Gulf freeway, passing through cities like Qom, Arak, Chalanchulan, Khorramabad, Andimeshk, and Alvan before arriving in Ahvaz. The duration of this journey by bus is at least 12 hours.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Personal Car


For travelers driving to Ahvaz from Tehran, they can choose between three routes: 800 kilometers, 1000 kilometers, or 886 kilometers. If you select the shortest route, your journey will approximately take 9 hours. Traveling by car offers the opportunity to appreciate the scenic beauty along the way and to stop in various towns en route.

Traveling to Ahvaz by Train


Traveling to Ahvaz by train is another way to reach the city. The Zagros mountain range is located in the northeastern part of Khuzestan province, making the overland routes to Ahvaz winding and curvy for most cities. The train journey from Tehran to Ahvaz is one of the busiest and most scenic rail routes in Iran. Its major stations include Qom, Mohammadiyeh, Arak, Momen Abad, Shazand, Azna, Dorood, Shush, Haft Tappeh, and Andimeshk. However, passenger transfers on this route are only carried out at the stations in Tehran, Qom, Arak, Andimeshk, and Haft Tappeh. The duration of the train journey from Tehran to Ahvaz (with a speed of 120 kilometers per hour) is approximately 16 hours.

Best Time to Visit Ahvaz


Ahvaz is located in the southwest region of the country, and its climate is hot and humid most days. The best times to visit Ahvaz are in the autumn and spring seasons. In the spring, the extreme heat has not yet begun, allowing travelers to enjoy touring Ahvaz. However, by the end of spring, the weather starts getting hotter. A trip to Ahvaz in the autumn, when the rains have not yet begun, is also ideal.

During winter, the city of Ahvaz experiences significant rainfall, and it’s possible for it to rain continuously for several days, flooding the city. For some, enduring this type of weather can be challenging, leading them to prefer visiting Ahvaz in the spring or autumn instead.

Where are the Best Places to Stay in Ahvaz?


Iran Hotels Online

If you’re planning a trip to Ahvaz, you’d undoubtedly want to know the best places to stay. Despite the presence of many traditional houses in the city, there is unfortunately a limited number of traditional and eco-friendly accommodations in Ahvaz. For this reason, it’s recommended that tourists stay in hotels, houses, or suites. In this section, we will introduce a few of the best hotels in Ahvaz:

Pars Hotel Ahvaz

Pars Hotel Ahvaz
Pars Hotel, Ahvaz

Pars Hotel in Ahvaz is one of the 5-star hotels in the city, which started its operations in 1968. The hotel is built over five floors and has 136 accommodation units. Pars Hotel is located near the White Bridge and Azadegan Street and provides easy access to various parts of the city. Additionally, the hotel is close to the Karun River, and tourists can visit this site by traveling a short distance during their stay.

Oxin Hotel Ahvaz

Oxin Hotel, Ahvaz

Oxin Hotel in Ahvaz, with 3 stars, is considered one of the most established hotels in the city. This hotel was inaugurated in 1987 but was renovated again in 2009. The Oxin Hotel in Ahvaz has 2 floors and 52 rooms, and its amenities include a conference hall and a restaurant. This hotel is located near the Pasdaran Highway and public transportation stations, and its guests can easily access different parts of the city via this route.

Neyshekar Hotel Ahvaz

Ahvaz Travel Guide
Neyshekar Hotel, Ahvaz

Neyshekar Hotel in Ahvaz was built in 1996 and underwent renovations in 2011. This 4-star hotel is located on Golestan Boulevard and offers a unique view. Nearby attractions to Neyshekar Hotel include universities in Ahvaz, medical centers, hospitals, and the beautiful shore of the Karun River.

What attractions should we visit in Ahvaz?


What attractions should we visit in Ahvaz? Should we see the beautiful Karun River, the bridges of the city, or the old and traditional houses with nostalgic atmospheres? Undoubtedly, visiting each of the natural and historical attractions of this city will be a delightful experience for travelers and tourists. When traveling to Ahvaz, consider visiting the following attractions:

Karun River

The name Ahvaz brings to mind the Karun River, which in the past was the most water-abundant river in Iran. Unfortunately, its water level today is lower than ever. Watching the Karun River, walking or driving along its coastal road, photographing, and strolling on the White Bridge provide delightful moments for tourists.

Surp Mesrop Church

Surp Mesrop Church was built by a person named “Tirdad Davidian,” who was an employee of the National Oil Company. The building has a white façade. Today, Surp Mesrop Church stands as one of Ahvaz’s attractions, welcoming many tourists.

Rainbow Bridge


The Rainbow Bridge of Ahvaz is constructed over one of the longest and most beautiful artificial waterfalls in the Middle East. The bridge is adorned with beautiful colored lights, which, when lit, display a spectacular play of colors. The Rainbow Bridge is only operational on special occasions.

What are the tastiest local foods in Ahvaz?


Various ethnic groups with diverse cultures live in the city of Ahvaz. This diversity has led to a rich variety of local dishes. So, which are the tastiest local foods in Ahvaz? Ghalieh Mahi (a spicy fish stew), Nafla, Sabur Tanuri (oven-baked fish), Pakora, Ash-e Ardeh (a kind of soup made with Ardeh or Tahini), Falafel, Samboseh (a kind of pastry filled usually with meat), Ranginak (a dessert made from dates and walnuts), Mahlabieh (a kind of milk pudding), and Hamis Toleh are among the most famous local dishes in Ahvaz.

Where are the best restaurants in Ahvaz?

If you are a foodie, you definitely want to know where the best restaurants in Ahvaz are. Riverside Restaurant, Oxin Hotel Restaurant, and Pars Hotel Restaurant are among the top restaurants in Ahvaz. If you fancy Ghalieh Mahi, we recommend visiting Konjed Restaurant. If you love kebabs, go to Kababsara and try the tastiest kebabs in this restaurant.

Other famous restaurants and fast foods in Ahvaz include Mizban Fast Food, Shambama Fast Food, Pat & Mat Falafel, Kianpars Traditional Restaurant, Firouzeh Garden Restaurant, Raki Restaurant, Aghajoon Kebab, Caesar Italian Restaurant, Navid Restaurant, and Khorram Restaurant.

What souvenirs should we buy from Ahvaz?


When your trip to Ahvaz comes to an end, you want to return home with gifts and memories from this city. At this point, you might ask yourself, “What souvenirs should I buy from Ahvaz?” The most famous souvenir from this city is dates. However, other tasty products such as Tahini (Ardeh), Date syrup, Sesame Halva, Tahini Halva, salty and date-filled cookies, and Bandi pickles are also available in the highest quality in this city.

Additionally, handcrafted products of Ahvaz that count as souvenirs include Gilim (a kind of rug), Ebar (local fabric), Kapoo (a kind of mat), and Hasir (woven mat). To purchase any of these souvenirs, you can visit the markets of Ahvaz.

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