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Explore Lahijan: A Complete Travel Guide

Experience the Best of Lahijan with this Expert Tips and Recommendations

Lahijan, a beautiful city in northern Gilan, offers a diverse range of attractions for nature lovers and market enthusiasts alike. Regardless of your preference, Lahijan’s attractions will captivate you. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Lahijan’s tourist spots.

Geographic Overview

Lahijan is located in the eastern part of Gilan. It borders the Caspian Sea to the north, Langarud to the east, Deylaman to the south, and Astaneh Ashrafieh to the west. The city spans 1500 square meters and has a population of 160,000, making it the third most populous city in Gilan.

Lahijan City of Gilan Province
Lahijan City of Gilan Province

How to Travel to Lahijan

To travel to Lahijan, you can use a car, bus, train, or airplane. Most people prefer driving their cars using navigation to find the best route.

  • By Airplane: Flights do not land directly in Lahijan. You must fly to Rasht, which is 44 kilometers away from Lahijan.
    • Flight Schedule to Rasht:
      • Tehran to Rasht: Daily
      • Mashhad to Rasht: Daily
      • Bandar Abbas to Rasht: Monday to Thursday
      • Kish to Rasht: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
      • Isfahan to Rasht: Thursday
      • Tabriz to Rasht: Monday, Thursday
      • Shiraz to Rasht: Monday, Thursday, Friday
      • Ahvaz to Rasht: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
      • Assaluyeh to Rasht: Saturday
  • By Train: The nearest train station is in Rasht. Trains to Rasht depart from Qazvin, Mashhad, Tabriz, and Tehran.

Transportation within Lahijan

  • Bus Terminal: Located on Toheed East Highway.
  • Train Station: In Rasht, at Razi Square towards Jirdeh Road.
  • Airport: Rasht Airport, located on Valiasr Boulevard, offers taxi services to Lahijan.
Beautiful Nature of Lahijan City
Beautiful Nature of Lahijan City

Lahijan’s Climate

Lahijan has a humid climate, with strong winds and snowfall in winter. The humidity level can reach up to 80%, which might be uncomfortable for some visitors. The best time to visit is at the end of summer or during fall, when the weather is pleasant and the scenery is stunning.

Must-See Attractions in Lahijan

Sheytan Kuh

Sheytan Kuh, Lahijan, Iran
Sheytan Kuh, Lahijan, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Sheytan Kuh is a lush mountain covered with tall trees, located at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. It offers facilities like cable cars, amusement parks, and zip lines.

Bam-e Sabz Lahijan

Bam-e Sabz Lahijan
Bam-e Sabz Lahijan

Located above Sheytan Kuh, Bam-e Sabz Lahijan offers a panoramic view of the city and includes recreational facilities like amusement parks and cable cars.

Sheikh Zahed Gilani’s Shrine

Sheikh Zahed Gilani's Shrine, Lahijan
Sheikh Zahed Gilani’s Shrine, Lahijan (photo by Wikipedia)

Also known as the Shrine of Sheikh Anwar, this site features a turquoise dome and beautiful gardens.

Lahijan Pool

Lahijan Pool
Lahijan Pool

This pool, located near Sheytan Kuh, is perfect for sports enthusiasts. It spans 17 hectares and has a 4-meter depth with a small island connected by a bridge.

Golshan Bath

Golshan Bath of Lahijan
Golshan Bath of Lahijan

A historical bath from the Qajar era, Golshan Bath features beautiful domes with light wells.

Pashaki Bridge

Pashaki Bridge, Lahijan, Gilan
Pashaki Bridge, Lahijan, Gilan

An ancient bridge from the Qajar era, Pashaki Bridge is located in central Lahijan and is known for its unique design.

Soostan Lagoon

Soostan Lagoon, Near Lahijan, Iran
Soostan Lagoon, Near Lahijan, Iran

Soostan Lagoon is known for its water lilies and tulips, offering a fantastic photography opportunity.

Lahijan Gondola Lift

Lahijan Gondola Lift
Lahijan Gondola Lift

For thrill-seekers, the Lahijan Gondola Lift provides a scenic ride from Bam-e Sabz to Taj Khoroos.

Amir Kalayeh International Wetland

Amir Kalayeh International Wetland, Lahijan, Iran
Amir Kalayeh International Wetland, Lahijan, Iran

Amir Kalayeh Wetland features unique plants like water pistachios and medicinal water lilies.

Akbariyeh Mosque

Akbariyeh Mosque of Lahijan
Akbariyeh Mosque of Lahijan (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

Akbariyeh Mosque, built during the reign of Fath Ali Shah, features beautiful calligraphy and architecture.

Tea History Museum

Tea History Museum of Lahijan
Tea History Museum of Lahijan

Also known as the Mausoleum of Mohammad Mirza Qavanlou or Kashf-ol-Saltaneh, this museum showcases tea artifacts.

Lahijan Zip Line

Lahijan Zip Line
Lahijan Zip Line

Experience the thrill of the Lahijan Zip Line, which starts from Bam-e Sabz and ends at Sheytan Kuh.

  • Karagar Street: Known for its high property prices, this affluent area is considered part of Lahijan’s upscale neighborhoods.
  • Eastern Kashf Street: A quieter street lined with cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and essential services.

Public Transportation in Lahijan

For public transportation, you can rely on taxis available throughout the city.

Hotels and Accommodations in Lahijan

Here is a list of hotels and accommodations in Lahijan:

  • Hotel Respina Lahijan
  • Hotel Abrishami Lahijan
  • Hotel Shahrzad Lahijan
  • Hotel Jahangardi Lahijan
  • Hotel Daryakenar Lahijan
  • Hotel-Apartment Tatilat Lahijan
  • Hotel-Apartment Emperor Chelak Lahijan
  • Hotel Dehdar Lahijan
  • Hotel Alborz Lahijan
  • Moo Farm Complex Lahijan
  • Hotel Fajr (Abshar) Lahijan
Lahijan's View from Above
Lahijan’s View from Above

Restaurants in Lahijan

Don’t miss out on Lahijan’s restaurants. Here are some recommendations:

  • Traditional Restaurant Mahtab: Imam Reza Boulevard, corner of Golestan 15
  • Shandiz Restaurant: Above Entezam Square (First Hajiabad)
  • Ziba Restaurant: Imam Reza Boulevard, opposite Lahijan Pool
  • Vahid Restaurant: Opposite the pool, corner of Golestan 9
  • Simorgh Restaurant: Shahid Zahed Street
  • Khan Salar Restaurant: Imam Reza Boulevard, corner of Golestan 23
  • Noon & Namak Restaurant: Beginning of Imam Reza Boulevard, corner of Golestan 21
  • Star Restaurant Lahijan: Kilometer 4, Lahijan-Langarud Road, opposite Hotel Fajr
  • Malek Restaurant: Imam Reza Boulevard, opposite Lahijan Pool
  • Kabir Fast Food: Imam Khomeini Street, next to Asia Insurance
  • Jam Fast Food: Imam Street, Shahr-e Sabz Mall
A Beautiful Shot of a Dirt Road in Mountains of Lahijan, Iran
A Beautiful Shot of a Dirt Road in Mountains of Lahijan, Iran

Lahijan’s Local Cuisine

Experience the unique flavors of Lahijan’s local dishes:

  • Chicken and Plum Lahijan: A combination of sour chicken with local vegetables cooked with plum, sour orange paste, and pomegranate paste.
  • Sabzi Fesenjan Stew: A traditional stew made with special vegetables.
  • Gilaki Shish Andaz: A local dish flavored with pomegranate paste, walnuts, and eggplants.
  • Mirza Ghasemi: A famous dish from the Qajar era made with eggplants.
  • Anar Bij Stew: A dish often made during Yalda night.
  • Lakoo Chicken: A type of duck cooked with walnuts and pomegranate paste, similar to Fesenjan.
  • Stuffed Fish: Made with special herbs.
  • Tarsha Shami: A popular dish made with pomegranate paste.
  • Kaal Kebab: Made with grilled eggplants, sour pomegranate juice, herbs, garlic, and walnuts.
  • Baghali Ghatogh: Served with rice, made with special northern beans.
View of a Tea Pot Monument in Lahijan, Gilan province, Iran
View of a Tea Pot Monument in Lahijan, Gilan province, Iran

Estimated Travel Costs

Travel costs depend on your ticket type, food, accommodation, and public transportation. For a trip to northern Iran, you should budget at least 20,000,000 IRR for the best experience.

Lahijan Shopping Centers and Markets

Here are some popular shopping spots in Lahijan:

  • Traditional Market: Located in Chahar Padeshahan Square and Kashf East Street, offering local produce like herbs, eggs, fish, and olives.
  • Majnoon Island Shopping Center: Located in Shohada Square.
  • Valiasr Shopping Center: Also in Shohada Square.
  • Shahr-e Sabz Mall: Located on Imam Khomeini Square, featuring a variety of stores.
  • Naderi Tower: One of the best shopping centers in Lahijan, located on Imam Reza Boulevard, selling branded goods.

Lahijan’s Festivals and Cultural Ceremonies

Lahijan is rich in cultural traditions, such as the Bar Dadan ceremony during weddings, where the groom’s family decorates and delivers the bride’s gifts. Another tradition is Yavardahi, where families help each other with agricultural work.

Food Stand in front of Sheytan Mountain
Food Stand in front of Sheytan Mountain

Lahijan Souvenirs

Lahijan is famous for its cookies and tea, the main souvenirs from the city. Other notable items include local rice, silk, and handicrafts like bamboo weaving, basket weaving, and wooden crafts. Don’t miss trying khalveh bread, smoked fish, and salted fish.

Essential Phone Numbers in Lahijan

  • Lahijan Museum: 91980
  • Kashf Hotel Lahijan: 2808
  • Bastan Hotel Lahijan: 2383
  • Fajr Hotel Lahijan: 2-3081
  • Rasht Airport: 24444
  • Seiro Safar: 661165
  • Rasht Railway Station: 01332474904

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is Lahijan from the sea?
    Lahijan is a 30-minute drive from the nearest beach, Chamkhaleh.
  • Where does the name Lahijan come from?
    Some believe it is an Arabic version of Lahiagan, meaning “silk city.”
  • How far is Lahijan from Tehran?
    The distance is approximately 348 kilometers.


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Lahijan is a captivating destination in northern Iran, offering diverse attractions and a rich cultural experience. Don’t miss exploring its scenic spots, local cuisine, and vibrant markets. For more travel information and to plan your visit, check out SURFIRAN.

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