Hooman Hotel in Yazd: A TripAdvisor Perspective

A Unique Accommodation with Warm Hospitality

Hooman Hotel is a 150-year old traditional house located in the historic city of Yazd, an area registered as World Heritage by UNESCO. It’s thus in close proximity to Yazd’s main sights such as the Jameh Mosque and Amir Chakhmagh Square.

Once the house of a rich gold merchant, Hooman Hotel was renovated in 2019 to become a 3-star hotel with 22 rooms and suites. Following the traditional architecture of the region, the hotel, which spread over 2000 square meters, has several courtyards and rooftops.

If you’re planning a trip to Yazd and considering staying at Hooman Hotel, let’s check together what previous travelers are saying through TripAdvisor reviews to help you make your choice.

Hooman Hotel in Yazd: What Travelers Are Saying

Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Hooman Hotel Rooms, Yazd

The old city of Yazd, a UNESCO World Heritage, holds many gorgeous traditional houses hidden behind simple adobe walls. These past years, many of these houses have been renovated and converted into traveler’s accommodations. Yazd Hooman Hotel is one of them, which combines beautiful architecture with great services. Here’s a comprehensive look at Hooman Hotel based on the reviews that travelers left from their stay at Yazd Hooman Hotel.


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Comfortable Modern Rooms

Among the highlights of Hooman Hotel seems to be the quality and comfort of their rooms, which is mentioned by many travelers. Farzad K (Jul 2022) recalled that their room was “was spacious, comfortable and clean.

Cleaning crew came every day to check to see if we needed anything and cleaned up”. Other travelers also mentioned the comfort of the beds and several others, such as Anna Babaie (Aug 2022), added praise for the design and decoration: “The rooms were designed in a traditional Iranian style which is very authentic, yet its equipped with the modern facilities.” Interestingly, one traveler, Fateme (April 2022), booked three different rooms, one of each night, and described that “each room had different positive vibes”.

Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Inside Hooman Hotel in Yazd

Beautiful Architecture

Hooman Hotel has an impressive traditional architecture, with its roofs used as terraces, a typical Yazdi feature, with a 360° view over the old city. Zitamaleki (Oct 2021) called it a “paradise in Yazd”, saying that the three large courtyards of the hotel “and the sound of the water make travelers feel great”. Farzad K (Jul 2022) also described that “the beautiful courtyard was very well maintained and (is) a perfect space to relax.” Beside courtyards and rooftops, another singular feature of Hooman Hotel’s architecture is its underground water system, which can be visited. David D (April 2022) recalled: “For anyone who is interested, there is in fact a qanat system underneath the hotel, which is a connection to the city’s ancient past.”

Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Architecture of Hooman Hotel in Yazd

Kind and Professional Staff

Many travelers of Hooman Hotel are praising the staff, which appears to be helpful and very professional. For instance, Faranak Saraf (Jul 2021) wrote: “Great staff who are so polite and responsible enough to provide you a memorable residence.” So much so, that many travelers such as Erfan P (May 2022), Sara20benura (Jun 2022) and Soheil Salimi (Sep 2021) said that Hooman Hotel felt like their home. Discover177938 (Oct 2023) illustrate the kindness of the staff by the fact that they surprised him with a birthday cake.

Generous Breakfast

The food is also mentioned by some travelers, as Hooman Hotel also has a cafe and a restaurant. The breakfast is in particular praised by them, for being both “delicious” and “with  a good variety” (Discover177938 – Oct 2023). Anna Babaie (Aug 2022) described: “They served Iranian breakfast that offered warm dishes like lentil soup, beans and omelet alongside with cold breakfast options and traditional local cookies.” Soheil Salimi (Sep 2021) added that “the breakfast is delicious and you can eat it in the magical garden.”

Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Breakfast in Hooman Hotel of Yazd

Great Location

Eventually, Hooman Hotel’s location is one of the strong suits of this hotel as it is located right in the middle of Yazd’s historic city. Many travelers are mentioning the fact that it is located near the best sightseeing and the bazaar (Afhsar – Jun 20), just a few minutes walk from Yazd Jameh Mosque and Amir Chakhmagh Square, “so you can walk down without car or anything” appreciated Ali Gh (Oct 2021). Furthermore, AsianPeregrinator (Sep 2023) added that despite being close to all sights, it’s in a quiet street.

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Reviews Summary of Hooman Hotel in Yazd

On TripAdvisor, Hooman Hotel gathers a total of 36 reviews, with a score of 4.5/5, which makes it the 9th hotel in Yazd. The vast majority of reviews are actually five star ratings, with rare dissatisfaction expressed by travelers who stayed there.

Highlighted Reviews

TripAdvisor reviews underline the great atmosphere of Hooman Hotel, be it in the courtyards or inside the rooms, large and greatly decorated with a blend of tradition and modernity. The stunning architecture of this traditional house, with its rooftops and its qanat, undoubtedly is one of its assets. Also, the professionalism and kindness of the staffs seem to be another aspect that made travelers enjoyed their stay.

Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Hooman Hotel of Yazd at Night

Critical Reviews of Hooman Hotel in Yazd

Among the visitors that left positive reviews, some still suggested that there is room for improvement. One of them had a bad experience with their room that had a bad smell, which the management said was due to a problem with the city’s pipes. Another traveler seems to have encounter the same issue, and described that she had to change her room several times. She regretted that the staff reaction was slow, even though they were being polite and professional she explained. Eventually, the roofless parking is also a weak point according to another traveler.

Analysis and Context

Comparing Expectations vs. Reality

The promise of Hooman Hotel resides in the great atmosphere of this 150-year old traditional house, with its typical Yazdi architecture, and the quality of the service. Based on the comments and reviews from previous travelers at Hooman Hotel, its seems that their stay reflects these positive aspects.

Open in 2019, Hooman Hotel has accumulated since mostly positive reviews. It seems that the professionalism of the staffs has improved as it’s mentioned more frequently in newer reviews.


Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Rooms in Hooman Hotel of Yazd

From our perspective, Hooman Hotel is a great choice to taste the unique atmosphere of Yazd while staying in the heart of the historic city. With its three courtyards, its rooftop, and qanat, travelers will certainly appreciate to relax there, away from the buzzling activity of the old city, while remaining at a close distance from the major sightseeing. Due to its size and the professionalism of its staff, Hooman Hotel is a great choice for all types of travelers, whether they are solo travelers, groups, family and even business.

Yazd Hooman Hotel Amenities

  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Coffee Shop, and restaurant
  • Outdoor dining area and rooftop bar
  • Complimentary welcome drink
  • 24-hour security and 24-hour front desk
  • Concierge and baggage storage
  • Laundry service

Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Distances to the mentioned attractions from Hooman Hotel in Yazd:

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Hooman Hotel In Yazd
Hooman Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 62.5€/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Yazd

If Yazd Hooman Hotel doesn’t fit your criteria for a stay, don’t worry, there are plenty of hotel options in Yazd. Here are our Top 5 recommended affordable hotels in Yazd.

1. Laleh Hotel Yazd

Yazd Laleh Hotel
Laleh Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 36.5€ /night

Laleh Hotel Yazd is one of the most well-known hotel in Yazd. This 3-star hotel is located slightly outside of Yazd city center in an old traditional house dating back from the Qajar Era. Laleh Hotel Yazd is rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor, with 209 reviews, which makes it the third best-rated accommodation on the platform.

2. Moshir Yazd Caravanserai Hotel

Moshir Hotel In Yazd
Moshir Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 21€ /night

Moshir Yazd Caravanserai Hotel is another 150-year old house located within the historical city of Yazd. This 2-star hotel was once a caravanserai and has a beautiful central courtyard. 62 travelers have reviewed Moshir Yazd Caravanserai on TripAdvisor for a total rating of 4 stars.

3. Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel

Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel
Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 23€ /night

Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel is an historical house dating back from Safavid and Qajar Eras. It is now a 3-star hotel with a budget-friendly price, with a nice atmosphere and great central location, rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor.

4. Firoozeh Traditional Hotel Yazd

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel Yazd
Firoozeh Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 21.5€ /night

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel in Yazd is a budget-friendly 3-star hotel with comfortable rooms and good central location, near Yazd’s main sights. Built in 2014 it has many traditional architectural features. On TripAdvisor, 119 travelers have reviewed Firoozeh Traditional Hotel which has a 4.5 rating.

5. Soroush Hotel Yazd

Soroush Hotel Yazd
Soroush Hotel in Yazd

Rooms from 17€ /night

Soroush Hotel Yazd is one of the best option for budget travelers in Yazd. This 200-year old traditional house has been renovated in 2014 and is located near the Zoroastrian Fire Temple. It has 4 stars on TripAdvisor.


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