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Shah Goli (El Goli) Park

A Tranquil Oasis Located in the Heart of the City

You might have heard of El-Goli in Tabriz before, or noticed its name on various signs around the city when entering Tabriz by car.

El-Goli can be considered a symbol of the city of Tabriz, a symbol whose full beauty and appeal remain hidden unless you have a proper and complete picture of it.

This structure was registered as a national heritage site in Iran in 2008. Viewing El-Goli from above, you see a building that looks like an island in the middle of a vast pool.

Located in the southeast of Tabriz, about 7 kilometers from the city center, El-Goli offers not only recreational, cultural, and welfare facilities but also enjoys a very convenient geographical location relative to other attractions in Tabriz.

Many details are not as apparent on the ground as they should be. At first glance, you might wonder why this building is one of the most important attractions in Tabriz.

In this article from the SURFIRAN tourism magazine, we will introduce you in detail to the El-Goli Park in Tabriz, describing its various sections, entertainment, and welfare facilities. More knowledge about the details helps us appreciate the tourist attractions in different cities more and cherish every moment.

El-Goli or Shah Goli?

Shah Goli El Goli Park In Tabriz
El Goli Park, Tabriz, Iran

If you ask for directions to El-Goli Park in the streets of Tabriz, you might notice that people refer to it by two names: “El-Goli” or “Shah Goli.” So, which one is correct?

If we are to discuss El-Goli of Tabriz, it’s best to understand the meaning of this Turkish name first. In the Turkish language, the word “göl” (gul) means lake or pool, and “el” means people.

El-Goli means the people’s lake, and Shah Goli means the king’s lake. This site was transformed into a public resort during the Pahlavi era, known as Shah Goli. However, its name changed to El-Goli of Tabriz after the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Some older residents of Tabriz still refer to it as Shah Goli out of habit. However, Mr. Behrouz Khamachi, a researcher in the history and culture of Azerbaijan, believes that the word “shah” in the name of this structure signifies grandeur and magnificence and does not refer to the king himself.

Different Sections of El-Goli of Tabriz El-Goli of Tabriz has various sections for welfare, recreation, and tourism. Generally, this complex is divided into two main parts: the El-Goli pool and its building. We will introduce you to the different sections of it in the following sections.

El-Goli Lake

El Goli Lake In Tabriz Iran
El-Goli Lake in Tabriz, Iran

The history of El-Goli Lake in Tabriz dates back to the Aq Qoyunlu era. Initially, the lake served as a water reservoir and an irrigation source for the surrounding areas, undergoing various transformations to its present form. During the Safavid era, after dredging and cleaning the lake, a stone wall was built around Shah Goli Lake.

At that time, the lake had a depth of about 12 meters. In the Qajar period, streets were built around El-Goli of Tabriz, and the area was beautified with Tabrizi trees, weeping willows, and colorful flowers. In the Pahlavi era, the lake’s purpose shifted to a public leisure space and a promenade, and today, with dimensions of approximately 200 meters by 200 meters and a depth ranging from 3 to 9 meters, it’s considered one of the significant attractions of Tabriz.

The water for El-Goli Lake in Tabriz is supplied by the Liqvan River stream, and the surrounding area has been enhanced with landscaping and artificial waterfalls. A street stretching from the southern edge of the lake to the palace has transformed the El-Goli building into a picturesque peninsula amidst the waters.

The lake’s beauty is amplified in spring with the reflection of green trees in the water and in winter with the frozen lake and snowy ambiance of Tabriz. The truth is, no matter the season, El-Goli Park has its unique charm in every season.

El-Goli Mansion

El Goli Mansion In Tabriz
El-Goli Mansion in Tabriz (photo by Wikipedia)

El-Goli Mansion A tree-lined avenue across Shah Goli Lake leads you to the El-Goli Mansion of Tabriz. The mansion, like El-Goli Lake, has undergone many changes over the years. Originally, it was a one-story mud-brick structure built during the Aq Qoyunlu era.

The El-Goli Mansion expanded and underwent significant changes during the Safavid and Qajar eras. However, due to excessive deterioration, it was demolished by the Tabriz Municipality in 1967 and replaced with a new building. The new El-Goli Mansion, an octagonal two-story building, was designed and constructed by the architect Master Haj Ali-Akbar Nader al-Ujud. Today, the mansion serves as a banquet hall and restaurant.

Andisheh Hall of El-Goli Park The Andisheh Hall in El-Goli Park of Tabriz is another distinct section of the park. With a capacity of nearly 330 people and equipped with advanced audio and visual systems, it is an ideal venue for conferences or academic and cultural events. Andisheh Hall is a well-organized space with high-quality heating and cooling systems.

El-Goli Recreations

Visiting El Goli Park In Tabriz Iran
Visiting El Goli Park in Tabriz, Iran

El-Goli is not just a sightseeing spot, though many tourists visit it to see the lake and El-Goli Mansion. El-Goli offers a variety of enjoyable recreational activities. Let’s introduce you to some of these fun activities.

Boating in El-Goli During the spring and summer seasons, when the weather is pleasant and El-Goli Lake in Tabriz is not frozen, boating is available for visitors. You can enjoy boating with pedal and motor boats. Don’t miss the opportunity to go boating in the cool climate of Tabriz.

El-Goli Mini Golf A unique recreational activity in El-Goli of Tabriz is the El-Goli Park Mini Golf Course, located near the Park Hotel. This complex is one of Iran’s standard golf courses and hosts many provincial competitions and games. Note that using the mini-golf facility incurs a fee, and make sure to allocate enough time for your game.

El-Goli Cycling Path In El-Goli of Tabriz, various cycling paths provide access to different parts of the park. If you enjoy cycling, you will have a great time in El-Goli Park and can safely enjoy cycling.

Carriage Rides in El-Goli All visitors can enjoy carriage rides in El-Goli of Tabriz for a fee. Riding around the lake to the rhythm of the horses’ hooves and the carriage bells provides a delightful experience.

El-Goli Luna Park El-Goli Luna Park, located to the west of the lake in Tabriz, offers a variety of fun rides for an exciting afternoon. The attractions include:

  • Salto
  • Swing Ride
  • Roller Coaster
  • Bumper Cars
  • Ferris Wheel
El Goli Recreations Tabriz Iran
El-Goli Recreations, Tabriz, Iran

Please note that the Luna Park is currently sealed due to safety conditions and is not available for use.

Facilities at El-Goli Park As one of the main recreational and tourist centers in Tabriz, El-Goli Park naturally offers sufficient amenities for the comfort of visitors. These include parking, restaurants and shops, multiple water fountains throughout the park, restrooms, prayer rooms, and free Wi-Fi. El-Goli Park in Tabriz is the first park to offer free Wi-Fi coverage throughout.

Parking If you are visiting El-Goli in Tabriz by personal car, you need not worry about parking space, as the park has its own parking area.

Restrooms The park also offers well-maintained and hygienic restroom facilities for visitors.

Saiman Complex of Tabriz Near El-Goli in Tabriz, the Saiman Complex is an important recreational and sports center and can be considered part of the park’s accessible facilities.

This complex offers standard and luxurious sports facilities for activities like skating, hockey, table tennis, rock climbing, etc. The Saiman Complex includes various sections such as a restaurant, café, and sports equipment store, enhancing its facilities.

El-Goli Sundial A significant attraction in El-Goli Park is the large sundial located within its area. This sundial is the largest in northwest Iran and is accessible to visitors.

Access to El-Goli of Tabriz El-Goli in Tabriz is accessible both by personal car and public transport.

By car, you can reach El-Goli via Bakri Highway and El-Goli Boulevard, or use Golestan Street and Ferdows Square. For more precise directions, El-Goli’s location is available on Google Maps.

Public transportation options include:

Iran Tourist Card

Orienttrips Iran Tourist Card


El-Goli line taxis from various parts of the city and online taxi services can take you to the park.


To reach El-Goli by bus, take route number 101 and disembark at the nearest stop to El-Goli.


The El-Goli Metro Station on Tabriz’s metro lines is one of the most convenient ways to reach the park. Disembark at this station and walk a short distance to El-Goli.

Address of El-Goli in Tabriz: East Azerbaijan, Tabriz, Southern Bypass Freeway, El-Goli Boulevard, El-Goli Park

Contact Number: 041-33849904

El-Goli Park Working Hours: Open 24 hours


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Final Words

Visiting the Beloved Symbol of Tabriz Now, you can confidently say you know all you need about visiting El-Goli in Tabriz. El-Goli has the potential to be listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites but missed the opportunity due to the construction of a tall hotel building nearby.

The park offers a range of recreational and tourist facilities, like many attractions in Iran, which have not been fully utilized. However, a visit to El-Goli will undoubtedly be an unparalleled experience for every visitor, offering a delightful combination of beautiful scenery, pleasant weather, and enjoyable experiences.

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