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Jan’s Iran Adventure: A Journey to Remember

It has been more than a week since I returned from Iran. I gotta be honest with you and tell you that it was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I have been to 30 countries. Not only because of the beautiful nature, historical sites or awesome people but because of the combination of all of these.

I spent a really nice time with local people there and didn’t have any serious problem, it is better to say I didn’t have any problem if I don’t count the street crossing smile emoticon Twerps from all over the world think that Iran is a dangerous country, because media present Iran like a country full of fanatics and cutthroats but they have absolutely no clue about how Iran is really like.

For sure I will come back soon wink emoticon Thank you for the wonderful time in Iran and at least I will try to improve the image of Iran in eyes of Europeans. See you soon wink emoticon there some pics from my travels in Iran.


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