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German Adventurer is Walking to Iran, with his Donkey

Rinderle and his donkey will have to walk through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan to reach Iran, which will be their final stop.

German Adventurer is Walking to Iran, with his Donkey

German Adventurer Is Walking To Iran, With His Donkey

For years, former construction manager Michael Rinderle of Germany has dreamt of travelling from Europe to China on foot, and he has been on the road for several months now with his 12-year-old French donkey Vaillant.


“We should be on the road for three years,” the German, who has been walking for almost 200 days now, says in his blog.

To ensure that he would not be going alone, two years ago he bought a donkey from France and prepared him for the trip.

Rinderle has passed through Germany and the Czech Republic and is now crossing Slovakia. On Instagram, he posted pictures from the spa town Piešťany and the farm park Madonan near Hlohovec.

Michael Rinderle has travelled across Africa on a motorbike in the past. Today, he is using a donkey to get to Iran. (Source: Michael Rinderle)

From Georgia it goes to Azerbaijan and Iran. If I get to Iran at all, I’ll have to decide how to go on. Through Afghanistan and Pakistan or through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

“We initially wanted to go to China. We planned to cover 20,000 kilometres,” Rinderle writes in his blog, admitting his stubborn donkey refuses to walk 20 kilometres a day, making their initial goal impossible to achieve.

Michael now travels through Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey to Iran, where he will decide whether to continue or return home.

Visit Michel’s website and his Instagram

Source: The Slovak Spectator

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