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Imam Mahdi’s Birthday

Celebrated with great joy among Shia Muslims, Imam Mahdi’s birthday is considered one of the most auspicious events in the Islamic calendar. Imam Mahdi is believed to be the twelfth and last Imam, currently in occultation and expected to return as the savior of humanity.

His birthday is observed with festivities, charitable acts, and gatherings where stories of his life and the prophecies concerning his return and reign of justice are recounted.

Tips for travellers:

  • Visitors are welcome to observe and, in some instances, participate in the festivities, which may include large gatherings for poetry readings and joyous celebrations.
  • The main and central streets of cities are typically adorned with decorations and are more crowded than usual. You may encounter heavier traffic, especially at night.
  • Photography is generally permissible during public celebrations, but it’s important to always be respectful and ask for permission before taking photos of people, particularly in religious contexts. The bright decorations and dynamic atmosphere offer superb opportunities for photography.
  • Imam Mahdi’s birthday is often celebrated with the distribution of complimentary meals and sweets in the evening. Partaking in these free offerings is a chance to sample local cuisine and engage in the holiday’s communal spirit.

Event Date:

For the specific date of this event and a full rundown of Iran’s public holidays, visit this link.

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