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Road Trip to Iran Now Open for US, Canada, UK Citizens

US, Canadian, and British Citizens Can Now Drive to Iran via Land Borders

Great news for adventure seekers from the USA, Canada, and the UK! As of January 7, 2024, you can now enjoy an exciting journey to Iran using your own vehicle. This recent announcement by Iran’s Ministry of Tourism opens up a new realm of possibilities for explorers keen on a road trip experience.

According to the latest policy update, passport holders from these three countries wishing to enter Iran by motor vehicles can now apply for an Iranian visa through a recognized travel agency. Approval from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a granted visa will pave the way for a unique land border crossing into the culturally rich nation of Iran.

Road Trip to Iran Now Open for US, Canada, UK Citizens

Previously, travelers from the USA, Canada, and the UK were limited to air travel for entering and exiting Iran. This development introduces a refreshing twist to the conventional modes of travel to Iran, offering a more immersive journey through the country’s diverse landscapes.

However, it’s important to note that some conditions remain unchanged. The review process for visa applications will still take around 45 business days, and a travel guide must accompany travelers throughout their journey in Iran, just like before.

Road Trip to Iran Now Open for US, Canada, UK Citizens

For those planning to take this route, it’s crucial to provide detailed information during the visa application process.

This includes the route of your car or motorcycle from the country of origin, the countries en route to Iran, the entry and exit border points in Iran, and the complete details and images of your vehicle’s documents.

Interested in exploring Iran by road? You can start your Iran visa application process for this incredible adventure right here.

Stay tuned for more updates and travel tips on your next adventure in Iran! Happy travels!


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