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8-Day Iran Premium Tour

Discover Iran’s Grandeur in 8 Glorious Days

Overview & Trip Highlights

Join us on an 8-Day Iran Prime Tour and discover the rich cultural heritage and historical splendors of Persia. Our curated journey begins in the poetic city of Shiraz, taking you through stunning landscapes, rugged mountains, and picturesque villages. This tour offers a profound glimpse into the age-old customs that define this extraordinary country.

Explore the bustling streets of Shiraz, the architectural elegance of Isfahan, the historical gems of Kashan, and delve into Tehran the capital of Iran. Behold the impressive ruins of Persepolis, a symbol of Iran’s illustrious history. The essence of this tour, however, is the genuine warmth of the Iranian people. Known for their exceptional hospitality, they are eager to introduce you to their intriguing traditions and lifestyle, promising to leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Throughout your tour, savor the luxury of premium accommodations and smooth transport arrangements, making every moment one of ease and enlightenment. This unique opportunity to witness the once-hidden wonders of Persia is not to be missed. Book your spot on this memorable Iran Prime Tour now and craft enduring memories that will resonate for years to come!

  • Explore Shiraz and embrace the captivating tapestry of Persian culture
  • Travel to Isfahan, enjoy the beauty of its Persian architecture
  • An excursion to Kashan to uncover the hidden treasures of Iran’s heritage
  • Stroll in Tehran, delve into the capital of Iran

Upon landing at Shahid Dastgheib International Airport (SYZ) in Shiraz, expect a warm reception from our representative. Iranian culture places immense value on hospitality, and we take pride in extending a courteous welcome to our guests. Our local liaison will escort you to your hotel, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to your accommodations.

We’ve arranged for an early check-in at the Shiraz Hotel to accommodate the arrival of international flights at midnight. This allows you to rest and refresh swiftly, setting the stage for a day of exploration and adventure in the city.


  • Shiraz 5-star hotel or a similar one in Shiraz
  • Included Meals: Full board

Start your day with a delicious buffet breakfast, setting you up for a full day of exploration. Our tour kicks off with a visit to the breathtaking Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, commonly known as the Pink Mosque. Witness the dance of colors as sunlight filters through its stained-glass windows, creating a kaleidoscope effect that promises to be one of the most memorable sights in Shiraz.

Just a stone’s throw away, we find Qavam House in Narenjestan Garden, a marvel of 19th-century Persian architecture. Admire the intricate stucco, exquisite tilework, reflective mirrors, and vibrant wall paintings. This house, once the residence of Shiraz’s governor during the Zand and Qajar eras, offers a glimpse into the city’s opulent past.

Next, we will stroll through the lush avenues of Eram Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the fragrant roses and citrus trees epitomize the city’s reputation for stunning gardens, and the romantic tales embedded in Hafez’s poetry come to life amidst this botanical splendor.

Lunch is a culinary delight at Haft-Khan Restaurant, renowned for its exceptional Persian cuisine. Savor the flavors of tender Lamb Kebab and aromatic Saffron rice, accompanied by a refreshing Dough, a traditional yogurt drink.

After a leisurely rest, our evening begins with a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Hafez, honoring the legacy of one of the world’s most revered poets. His work has inspired countless others, including the celebrated German writer Goethe.

The day concludes with a relaxing visit to the Night Café, where you can unwind with a coffee and reflect on the day’s adventures.

HOSPITALITY EXPERIENCE: The day’s highlight is an intimate dinner with a Shirazi family. In their welcoming home, immerse yourself in Iranian culture, learn traditional recipes, exchange stories, and enjoy the warmth of shared dining. This personal encounter offers a rare insight into the essence of Iran, beyond the reach of typical tourist experiences.


  • Shiraz 5-star hotel or a similar one in Shiraz
  • Included Meals: Full board

After a hearty breakfast, our itinerary leads us to Marvdasht to behold the storied expanse of Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site), established as the glorious capital by Darius the Great in 518 BC. Amidst the ruins, we marvel at the grand scale of construction that contends with Karnak in Egypt for its historical magnificence. The site’s bas-reliefs captivate us with their detailed depictions of ancient dignitaries who gathered here to pay homage to the Persian rulers.

We will then journey to the Necropolis (Naghsh-e Rostam), to view the astonishing tombs of the four Achaemenid kings: Darius the Great, Xerxes, Artaxerxes, and Darius II. Carved into the sacred Mount Rahmat, these tombs are a sight to behold. The area is further adorned with spectacular rock reliefs that celebrate royal ceremonies and pivotal historical events, offering a glimpse into the artistry of ancient Persian civilization. Among these ancient treasures is the Ka’ba-ye Zartosht, believed by some to be a Zoroastrian fire temple.

Post our return to Shiraz, lunch awaits at the renowned Shandiz Akbari restaurant, boasting a stunning vista of the city. Here, we’ll savor the famous Iranian Shishlik, a culinary delight of skewered and grilled marinated meats, acclaimed as the finest at Shandiz’s nationwide establishments.

Following a period of rest, we will admire the Karim Khan Citadel from the exterior, a formidable edifice erected during the Zand Dynasty.

Shiraz is also celebrated for its delightful traditional dessert, Faloodeh Shirazi, a concoction of starch-based noodles in a chilled syrup seasoned with sugar and rose water.

The day’s adventure culminates at the Vakil Bazaar, where we immerse ourselves in the hustle of traditional Iranian marketplaces and select unique mementos from Shiraz. This vibrant bazaar, with its array of shops, exquisite courtyards, and the historic Saray-e Moshir caravanserai, invites us to discover and procure treasures.

For dinner, we retreat to the serene Bagh-e Raaz Restaurant, nestled within a picturesque garden setting in Shiraz. Tonight’s menu features the delectable Iranian Saffron Chicken Kebab, accompanied by freshly baked traditional Naan bread.


  • Shiraz 5-star hotel or a similar one in Shiraz
  • Included Meals: Full board

Check out after breakfast sets the tone for our journey ahead. Today, we embark on a scenic drive to the enchanting city of Isfahan. En route, we’ll make a pivotal stop at Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a testament to the grandeur of the ancient Achaemenid Empire. Here lies the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, a monumental tribute to the empire’s founder, marking Pasargadae as one of the illustrious capitals of ancient Iran.

Continuing our expedition, we head towards the historical complex of Izadkhast, featuring a cityscape frozen in time and a majestic Caravanserai. Lunch promises to be an immersive experience as we dine within the walls of a 450-year-old caravanserai, offering a taste of the travelers’ rest stops of old. The ambiance here is unparalleled, with the sensation of dining in a place that feels suspended between history and the vastness of the desert.

The ruins of the 2000-year-old city of Izadkhast provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for an afternoon stroll, allowing us to walk through layers of history still etched in its stones and pathways.

As the road winds towards Isfahan, we revel in the landscapes and anticipate the evening’s relaxation.


As the Caravanserais of Iran receive recognition with UNESCO World Heritage status, we take pride in offering our guests an opportunity to explore and dine in one of these historic inns, ensuring a dining experience that’s as authentic as it is memorable.

After the day’s long journey from Shiraz to Isfahan, we’ll enjoy a well-deserved dinner at the comfort of our hotel’s restaurant. This offers not only convenience but also a delightful culinary end to an eventful day.


  • Parsian Kowsar 5-star hotel or a similar one in Isfahan
  • Included Meals: Full board

Start your morning at the Chehel Sotun Palace, a stunning example of royal Persian architecture, adorned with intricate frescoes and captivating mosaics. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled in a lush park and reflecting in a serene pool, is a testament to the grandeur of the Safavid era. The pavilion’s wooden columns and the dazzling hall of mirrors are not just a treat for the eyes but a journey into Iran’s royal past.

Just a short walk from here lies the iconic Naghsh-e Jahan Square, another UNESCO World Heritage gem. In this vast square, you’ll be drawn to the Ali Qapu Mansion with its exquisite music rooms and balconies that overlook the historic polo field. Witness the architectural brilliance of the Shah Abbasi Mosque, where the play of light on tiles creates a visual symphony of colors.

For lunch, the Namakdan Restaurant offers the perfect setting to enjoy Tahchin with lamb. This delicacy, with its crispy tahdig crust, is a beloved feature of Persian cuisine, rich in flavor and tradition. Relish this dish in the ambiance of a Qajar-era building, adding a historical touch to your dining experience.

Post-lunch, explore the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, an architectural masterpiece with a stunning peacock-patterned dome. Conclude your square tour at the Qeisarieh Bazaar, a treasure trove of Iranian handicrafts, perfect for picking up souvenirs. Next door, the Assarkhaneh Museum offers a glimpse into the traditional process of grinding spices and extracting oils, echoing the methods of ancient Persian mills.

Cap off the afternoon with a coffee at the Qeisarieh Coffeeshop. Positioned atop the bazaar, it’s an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

As the day wanes, dine at Shahrzad Restaurant, where you’ll savor Khoresh Mast, a unique dessert that encapsulates the essence of Isfahan’s culinary artistry.

An Unforgettable Experience Awaits

Your visit to Isfahan is incomplete without delving into its illustrious carpet-weaving heritage. A visit to a local workshop will illuminate the intricate process behind Isfahan’s world-renowned carpets. Engage with artisans and uncover the meticulous artistry that makes every Persian carpet a piece of history.


  • Parsian Kowsar 5-star hotel or a similar one in Isfahan
  • Included Meals: Full board

As we depart from the artistic splendors of Isfahan, our tour takes us to the Safavid-era bridges that have stood the test of time: the Khajoo Bridge and the Si-o-se-pol or 33-Pol Bridge. These structures are not just feats of engineering but also serve as social hubs, echoing with the gentle sounds of the Zayanderud River that flows beneath them.

Our next destination is Kashan, a town that boasts a legacy in textiles, ceramics, and the most aromatic rose water. The highlight here is undoubtedly the Fin Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This epitome of Persian gardens marries architecture, verdant landscapes, and waterways into a serene ensemble, featuring water channels that glide through an elegant central pavilion.

Adjacent to the garden, travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture by witnessing the Rose Water Production—a fragrant tradition where one can purchase this essence directly from the source.

Stepping into the realm of Persian residential architecture, the Boroujerdi Traditional House stands as a testament to Iran’s rich heritage. Constructed over a century ago by master architect Ustad Ali Maryam, the house is an embodiment of the intricate craftsmanship of the Qajar era.

For a taste of local cuisine, we will stop at the Melal Restaurant. Here, guests savor a buffet spread that captures the essence of Persian culinary artistry, with dishes that sing with the fresh, local flavors of the season.

As the day wanes, we journey to the bustling capital, Tehran. The culinary adventure continues with dinner at the Boulevard 126 Restaurant within our hotel, where the evening’s fare is the illustrious Kabab-e Barg. This Iranian specialty, featuring succulent grilled lamb kebabs, is a gastronomic experience that’s not to be missed.

The Delights of Iranian Cuisine and Culture

Iran’s journey is not just about sightseeing; it’s an invitation to taste and partake in the country’s rich culinary traditions. From the historical bridges of Isfahan to the tranquil gardens of Kashan, each stop is an opportunity to delve deeper into Iran’s cultural heritage, culminating in the dynamic atmosphere of Tehran. This trip is not just a passage through places but a voyage across flavors, aromas, and timeless traditions that define Iran’s heart and soul.


  • Espinas Persian Gulf 5-star hotel or a similar one in Tehran
  • Included Meals: Full board

After an energizing breakfast, we embark on our sightseeing adventure at the esteemed Golestan Palace, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tehran. This magnificent palace, which once housed Qajar kings, serves as a window into 200 years of Iranian sovereignty and splendor.

Our journey progresses to the bustling Grand Bazaar of Tehran, a colossal marketplace that not only ranks as Iran’s second-largest but also claims the title of the third-largest in the Middle East. Here, you’re invited to delve into the labyrinth of commerce and tradition, experiencing the heartbeat of Tehran’s economic prowess.

Lunch is a delightful affair at the renowned Muslim Restaurant, nestled in the very pulse of Tehran. Today’s menu features the quintessential Bean Rice with Lamb Shanks (Baghali Polo with Mahiche), a dish that seamlessly blends the rich flavors of Persian cuisine.

Before retreating to the comfort of our hotel, we’ll make a brief stop at the Iran National Museum. This visit promises a deep dive into Iran’s extensive history, tracing its roots from 800,000 years ago up to the pivotal Arab invasion period.

As evening dawns, our farewell celebration unfolds at the Chitgar Lake Recreational Area, a western jewel of the capital. Encircled by a constellation of malls, coffee shops, and entertainment venues, the lake is an artificial oasis that sets the stage for an unforgettable sunset. Our final dinner aboard the Royal Lounge Restaurant coincides with the serene sunset, offering a floating feast that ensures our last evening in Iran is etched in our memories forever.


  • Espinas Persian Gulf 5-star hotel or a similar one in Tehran
  • Included Meals: Full board

Your journey concludes with a transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Our representative will ensure that your departure is as comfortable and stress-free as your stay, coordinating with your flight schedule for a timely and efficient journey to the airport.

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8-Day Iran Premium Tour

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Going to Iran was for me and my friend a long term project. We booked a luxury train trip in 2019 but unfortunately the tour was canceled because of covid. Surfiran offered us a 9-day tour this year and Saye cooperated with us wonderfully in preparing our trip. Read More

Reliable agency

We organized a 3 weeks tour in Iran through SURFIRAN. SURFIRAN is a very Professional travel agency who understands their customers needs and expectations. Our stay in Iran was just fabulous, the program built by SURFIRAN was great, we have seen many and many very interesting sites and locations.

Thanks a lot

We visited Iran on October 2016 with SURFIRAN travel and tours company. Organization of round trip, hotel accommodation and flights were perfect. Our guide Mostafa was absolutely excellent, helpful, friendly and his information about Iran were very informative. Thanks a lot ! Will come back soon.

Johannes Grumet
All arranged efficiently

Everything was arranged very efficiently. Nothing went wrong. Our guide, Mostafa Farhadi, was remarkable. Not only was he a brilliant driver, but his knowledge of the culture, history and contemporary life of Iran was amazing. He also had superb contacts in all the places we visited.

Stephen Barber

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  2. The maximum baggage allowance is 17 kg per person, plus hand luggage.
  3. Deposits for this tour are refundable and transferable, with only the bank transfer fee deducted, according to our terms and conditions.

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