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Ahvaz’s Black Bridge: A Gateway to History on the Karun River

Offering Breathtaking Views and a Glimpse into Ahvaz's Rich Past

One of Ahvaz‘s most picturesque features is the Karun River and its bridges. This river divides the city into two sections, necessitating the construction of bridges to facilitate easy movement between them. Among these, the Black Bridge of Ahvaz, also known as the Victory Bridge, stands as one of the oldest, which we will explore in this article.

The History of the Black Bridge

Black Bridge in Ahvaz
Black Bridge in Ahvaz

Constructed in 1930 during the reign of Reza Shah and shortly after the onset of World War II, the Black Bridge (or Victory Bridge) is one of the first and most significant bridges built over the Karun River. It was commissioned by the South Iran Shipping Company with the aim of connecting the Bandar Imam Khomeini railway to the KhorramshahrTehran railway, capturing considerable attention for its strategic importance. Remarkably, its structure and design have withstood the test of time, maintaining its function without any degradation.

Design and Architecture

Architecture of Black Bridge in Ahvaz
Architecture of Black Bridge in Ahvaz (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

The Black Bridge boasts a metallic structure supported by 52 pillars on concrete foundations within the Karun River, weighing over 20 tons. Spanning 1050 meters in length and 6 meters in width, it accommodates two railway tracks with pedestrian pathways on both sides, each 2 meters wide. In 1999, it was listed as a national heritage site in Iran. Today, the bridge is enhanced by beautiful lighting, amplifying its visual appeal. Its original metallic black color earned it the name “Black Bridge.” An interesting aspect is that it was built atop the remnants of an ancient Sassanian era bridge known as the Shadervan Bridge, whose stone bases can still be seen beneath the current structure.

Significant Events and Naming

A View of Black Bridge at Night
A View of Black Bridge at Night

Since its construction, the Black Bridge has witnessed numerous events, including bombings and fires. A significant fire in 1965 damaged parts of the bridge, which were later restored. The bridge was named “Victory Bridge” after World War II, as it played a crucial role in transporting munitions and food, ultimately contributing to the Allies’ victory over the Nazis. This name is more popular among locals, but its official name remains the Black Bridge.

Location and Best Time to Visit

Situated between the Seventh Bridge and the Island Park on the Karun River, the Black Bridge is easily accessible by city buses, taxis, or personal vehicles. For bus travelers, disembark at Mehr Hospital or the Water Organization stops. Given Ahvaz’s warm climate, the ideal times to visit are early spring or the cooler months. The bridge is accessible at any hour.

Nearby Attractions

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Visitors to Ahvaz often seek to experience other attractions beyond the Black Bridge. Close by is the Abdolhamid Market, a popular spot for tourists, and the shrine of Ali Ibn Mahziar Ahvazi. Other notable bridges near the Black Bridge include:

Railway on Black Bridge in Ahvaz
Railway on Black Bridge in Ahvaz (photo by Wikipedia)
  • Kianpars Bridge: Also known as the Nature Bridge, it connects two parks and is ideal for walks, located 6.6 kilometers from the Victory Bridge.
  • White Bridge: The first suspension bridge over the Karun, known for its stunning lighting, about 8.4 kilometers away.
  • Eighth Bridge: Among the longest cable-stayed bridges in Iran, it is 11.2 kilometers from the Black Bridge.
  • Seventh Bridge: Famous for its artificial waterfall, the longest in the Middle East, only 1.3 kilometers from the Black Bridge.

Exploring the historic Black Bridge and its surroundings offers a glimpse into the cultural and architectural heritage of Ahvaz, making it a must-visit for anyone traveling to this vibrant city.

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