Alan Boutique Hotel in Shiraz: A TripAdvisor Perspective

Blend of Modern Design and Traditional Persian Charm

Alan Hotel is a lovely Boutique Hotel located in the old and picturesque neighborhood of Shiraz, a few meters away from Nasir al-Mulk Mosque and close to Vakil Bazaar.

This ancient house was renovated and converted into a Boutique Hotel in 2021, mixing the peaceful atmosphere of traditional houses with the comfort of modern hotels.

The rooms are organized around a central yard where the guests can relax and enjoy a drink or a meal. If you’re planning a trip to Shiraz and considering staying at Alan Hotel, let’s check together what previous travelers are saying through TripAdvisor reviews to help you make your choice.

Alan Hotel in Shiraz: What Travelers Are Saying

Shiraz is one of Iran’s cities that counts the more traditional houses turned into beautiful and cozy boutique hotels. Smaller than modern hotels, they offer a different and more intimate experience to travelers. Alan Hotel is a perfect example of a Shirazi Boutique Hotel. Here’s a comprehensive look at Alan Hotel based on the reviews that travelers left from their stay at Alan Hotel.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Almost all reviews praise the personnel of Alan Hotel, and guests like Jakob K (Apr 2022) explain that the young and motivated team helped them book bus tickets and getting help with various services, speaking perfect English.

The Charm of an Ancient Mansion

Urbanpeppermint (Feb 2022) and David D (Apr 2022) highlighted the pleasing atmosphere and beautiful decoration of Alan Hotel as an ancient merchant house. The colored windows of the rooms were particularly charming for the visitors and the overall atmosphere is several times described as perfect to simply chill and relax.

Alan Boutique Hotel In Shiraz
A View of Alan Boutique Hotel in Shiraz

A Great Place for Coffee Lovers

Hedieh. E. (Jul 2023), Omid N (Feb 2022) and Alta S (Oct 2022) all made a special comment about the coffee shop of Alan Hotel, which seems to rejoice many travelers as well as locals who come after sunset to enjoy hot beverages in the lovely yard of the hotel. Hedieh. E. notes that the barista was not always present, though, but appreciated every chance they had to taste what he served.

Yummy Food and Breakfast

For David D (Apr 2022), the breakfast served at Alan Hotel was among the best he had in Iran. Other travelers also praise the variety of the buffet breakfast and the quality of lunches and dinners that are served on request in the cozy courtyard.

Some Room for Improvement

While several travelers were satisfied with the cleanness of their rooms, according to their reviews, one of them, Sarvenaz F (Jun 2022), described a different experience, complaining both about the cleanness and the professionalism of the staff. She also reported an issue with the washroom, which was backed up by another traveler later on. Yet, her negative comment and experience is the only one mentioned on TripAdvisor.

Reviews Summary of Alan Hotel in Shiraz

Summary of Ratings

On its 11 reviews, Alan Hotel has a vast majority of positive feedback (9 Excellent and 1 Very Good), making it a really good choice for travelers looking for a cozy and relaxing Boutique Hotel experience in Shiraz.

Highlighted Reviews

TripAdvisor reviews emphasize the friendliness of the staff, with several people praising Alan Hotel employees for their kindness and their help. For most travelers, it seems to be the peaceful atmosphere of a beautifully decorated traditional house that captives them the most. Besides that, Alan Hotel is also praised for its food, its coffee, and its great location close to many sightseeing.

Critical Reviews of Alan Hotel in Shiraz

There was only one traveler reporting a negative experience, which included deceptive aspects about the cleanness of the room, the behavior of the staff, and an issue with the payment. That guest also reported that lights were turned off at 10 PM and the entrance door locked, which didn’t give her a positive feeling of safety. These aspects may have been taken into consideration by the hotel management since, as no other reviews share these problems.

Analysis and Context

Comparing Expectations vs. Reality

One of the key aspects of Alan Hotel is the fact that it was a traditional ancient house, with typical Persian architecture, and it has a well-designed decoration, both in the yard and in the rooms. Comments and reviews from previous travelers seem to indicate that expectations match the reality.

While the hotel is pretty recent and reviews aren’t that many, there are no notable changes in the overall feeling of the travelers that left a review on TripAdvisor. From the first review in February 2022 to the last one in July 2023, the hotel seems to have been able to maintain the same good standards.

SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Alan Hotel in Shiraz

From our perspective, Alan Hotel is one a great showcase of Shiraz architecture and culture. It is a small boutique that enables visitors to have an intimate experience while enjoying the beauty of Persian architecture and arts, such as tilework, woodwork, mirrorwork, glasswork, and paintings. The location of the hotel, in the small alleys of the historical center, is another strong point of this hotel that deserves to be known.


Shiraz Hotels

Conclusion about Alan Hotel in Shiraz

Alan Boutique Hotel is ideal for travelers looking for a place that reflects both the historical and cultural aspects of Shiraz, while also providing this cozy and friendly atmosphere that perfectly represents the city. It is more suitable for solo travelers as well as couple and friends than large groups of travelers.

Availability of amenities

  • Iranian bathroom in the lobby
  • laundry
  • Free and limited internet in the lobby
  • Housekeeping services
  • Safe box
  • Coffee Shop

Hotel’s proximity to major attractions

Distances to the mentioned attractions from Alan Hotel in Shiraz:

Rooms from €24.5/night

Share Your Experience at Alan Hotel

Have you stayed at Alan Hotel in Shiraz? Do these reviews align with your experience? Share your stories or questions in the comments, and let’s discuss this nice boutique hotel in Shiraz.

Best Affordable Hotels in Shiraz

If, for any reason, Alan Hotel in Shiraz is not your favorite choice, don’t worry, there are plenty of options in the city of roses and nightingales. Here are our Top 5 recommended affordable hotels in Shiraz

1. Arg Hotel Shiraz

Rooms from €24.5/night

Arg Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Shiraz that has been fully renovated in 2017. It’s a great option for budget travelers with clean rooms and professional staffs. It is rated 4 stars on TripAdvisor with 214 reviews.

2. Parsian Hotel Shiraz

Parsian Hotel Shiraz
Parsian Hotel in Shiraz

Rooms from €29.5/night

Persian Hotel is a large 4-star hotel in Shiraz rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor (64 reviews). The hotel has standard twin and double rooms as well as royal suites. Most travelers’ reviews praise the cleanness of the rooms and the convenient location.

3. Pars Intl. Hotel Shiraz

Pars Hotel Shiraz
Pars Hotel in Shiraz

Rooms from €28/night

Pars International Hotel is a well-located modern hotel in Shiraz. Travelers have rated it “Very Good” (3.5 stars out of 219 reviews) on TripAdvisor. Large rooms, many amenities, professional staffs and a generous buffet breakfast are among the best features of this hotel.

4. Jahan Nama Hotel Shiraz

Jahan Nama Hotel In Shiraz
Jahan Nama Hotel in Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Rooms from €30/night

Jahan Nama Hotel in Shiraz may only be a 3-star hotel but it is rated 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor by previous travelers. One of the distinctive points of this hotel is that it not only has rooms but also suites and apartments with all commodities. With a knowledgeable English-speaking staff, clean and modern facilities, this hotel is a great option for budget travelers in Shiraz.

5. Parseh Intl. Hotel Shiraz

Parse Hotel Shiraz
Parse Hotel in Shiraz

Rooms from €26.5/night

Parseh Hotel in Shiraz is a budget-friendly 4-star hotel fully renovated in 2016. This modern hotel is well located near the historical center and Arg-e Karim Khan. On TripAdvisor, it is rated 3-stars.

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