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Behnam House: A Historical House in Tabriz

A Captivating Glimpse into Tabriz's Rich Historical Heritage

Behnam House is one of the beautiful historical buildings in the city of Tabriz, constructed as a residential home during the late Zand and early Qajar periods. Under the reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the house was renovated and adorned with paintings. It comprises a main building, known as the winter residence, and a smaller building, the summer residence.

Where is Behnam House?

This beautiful and historical house is located in the center of Tabriz, in the Maqsoudiyeh neighborhood. To reach it, head to Sa’at Square and South Army Street. The entrance is located in Moshir Alley or, as locals call it, Azb Daftari first. The entrance features a hallway.

To visit by bus, note that there are two nearby bus stops, Arg and Musalla. After getting off, head east towards Kuy-e Nobar and eventually to Azb Daftari Alley.

Inside Behnam House In Tabriz
Inside Behnam House in Tabriz (photo by Iran Culture)

Shariati BRT Station is also close to Behnam House.

Sa’at Square Metro Station is to the north of this historical building; a short walk south will bring you to the house.

If you’re driving, Behnam House is outside the traffic plan area, offering peace of mind regarding traffic regulations. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated parking, and finding a spot may be challenging in one of Tabriz’s busiest areas.

  • Address: Tabriz, Maqsoudiyeh
  • Visiting Hours: 10 AM to 2 PM – 4 PM to 6 PM

Who is Behnam Ganje’i?

As mentioned, this house was the residence of a member of the Qajar family. The Ganje’i family, having a common ancestor with the Qajar family, was one of the prominent families of the Qajar era. Originally ruling over Ganja in Azerbaijan, they migrated to Tabriz after Russian dominance in the region and became involved in politics and trade. This house was the residence of a member of this family.

Architecture of Behnam House

Architecture Of Behnam House Tabriz Iran
Architecture of Behnam House, Tabriz, Iran (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

In the 12th century AH, this 1900 square meter house with an 840 square meter floor area was considered a luxurious residence in central Tabriz.

Tabriz, being the second city in terms of the number of historical houses, has about three hundred such homes. However, amidst today’s apartment living and non-authentic architectural styles, Behnam House stands out as a rare gem, offering a delightful sight.

The house comprises two buildings: a larger winter residence and a smaller summer one.

Behanm House In Tabriz Iran
Behanm House in Tabriz, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Upon entering, you are greeted by a vestibule leading to the outer courtyard, featuring a beautiful round pool.

If you’re lucky, you can see the reflection of the Tanbi Hall in the pool. This northern hall features a beautiful iwan with tall columns and arches, adorned with exquisite patterns and decorations.

The hall is beautifully decorated with paintings, plasterworks, and embellishments from the ceiling to the walls, alcoves, and fireplace. Surrounding the hall are seven arched windows with colorful glasses, hence the name Haft Dari (Seven Doors). Various rooms, known as “Gooshvareh,” each have their unique decorations.

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Final Words

Like many traditional houses, Behnam House has separate inner and outer sections. The inner part, in the northernmost section, has its courtyard, ensuring privacy. The rooftop in this section served as a spring sleeping area and moonlit spot.

When in Tabriz or living there, make sure to visit Behnam House. It offers a glimpse into the authenticity of Iranian architecture and the unique functionality of each part of the house. It’s also a chance to step away from modern, fast-paced life and relax in the tranquility of traditional living.

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