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Iran’s Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels

Luxuriate in Iran's Finest Accommodations

Who wouldn’t want to spend at least one night in a luxurious room, jumping on beds with fluffy pillows, trying unique dishes, and sipping delicious beverages anytime they desire? Iran boasts numerous luxurious and expensive hotels across different cities where you can indulge in such experiences. While many of us need to consider our budget before booking, learning about Iran’s priciest hotels can be quite fascinating. Join us at SURFIRAN for an exclusive look.


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1. Toranj Kish Hotel; Experience Life Under the Sea

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Toranj Hotel Kish

Toranj Kish Hotel might remind you of the luxurious Maldives overwater hotels. This architectural marvel in Kish has units built over the sea, arranged in a pattern reminiscent of the ‘toranj,’ a traditional Persian motif. As expected, this hotel does not skimp on amenities. Staying above the water and observing sea life from your room is an attraction in itself. Guests can enjoy excellent restaurants and a variety of water and beach activities.

2. Abbasi Hotel Isfahan; A Royal Stay in the Qajar and Safavid Style

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan
Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

Recognized as one of Iran’s most expensive hotels, Abbasi Hotel Isfahan is about 300 years old, originally serving as a caravanserai. It offers 225 rooms, with the most exclusive being the Qajar and Safavid suites, decorated in the architectural style of these historical periods. These suites feature intricate plasterwork, miniatures, and muqarnas, creating a royal atmosphere unique to this location.

3. Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz; The City’s Most Luxurious Destination

Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz
Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz

Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz rises 17 stories high and includes 220 accommodation units. More than just a place to stay, it boasts 126 shops featuring international brands. This five-star chain hotel offers well-appointed rooms with air conditioning, minibars, and safes. Its extensive wellness center spans 1,337 square meters, equipped with pilates and yoga rooms, a sauna, a Turkish bath, massage services, and more, promising an exciting stay.

4. Espinas Palace Hotel; Tehran’s Priciest Hotel

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Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Imagine booking your stay at Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran. Upon arrival, you are greeted by hotel representatives offering helicopter transfers to this luxurious palace hotel in one of Tehran’s northern areas. Your room promises opulence and access to elegant restaurants offering any cuisine you desire, along with amenities like a massage salon, shopping centers, and a gym.

5. Darvishi Grand Hotel Mashhad; Luxurious Stay Near the Shrine

Darvishi Grand Hotel, Mashhad
Darvishi Grand Hotel, Mashhad

Darvishi Grand Hotel Mashhad, standing 25 stories tall, is among Iran’s tallest and most unique hotels. Known as the only atrium hotel in Eastern Iran, it features expansive open spaces within its structure. Its amenities include a glass-ceiling restaurant, a rooftop garden eatery, a traditional Persian tea house, and other dining options, along with a water complex and shopping center. The luxurious rooms and suites make it one of Iran’s most expensive hotels.


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Each of these hotels offers a unique glimpse into the luxurious side of Iranian hospitality, providing experiences that cater to every taste and preference, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

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